Tiffany & Alex

We will have to write more about this soon as well, but as a quick note to those
who don't know...

Were moving to London!!!!!

Well, Tiffany's moving to London & Alex will follow in a bit.
Tiffany's job is taking her to London for a year. We were very excited when this first
came up (you know how we love those adventures!) We were all set to go after the
wedding. But then Cameron Crowe's new movie started up. Well, you can't turn down
a chance to work with Cameron! He's THE BEST! So, now Tiffany will go to London
with her crew in the begining of September. Stay for three weeks, then return for a month
for the wedding & then go back to London to set up our new home.  Alex will work
away with Cameron & come to London when his movie is finished.
What a crazy life this movie biz is!!!

Edited to add:
Go here to see all about our life in London.

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