Monday, March 30, 2009

the class

Mel & I saw a french movie "The Class" on sturday. Wow. It was great to see but really depressing in many ways. It's about a class in a low end Paris suburb. It's based on a book buy a teacher who then workshoped it with the director with a group a kids. The teacher plays himself and is fabulus.

I don't know if it is because of the societial status of the kids or just public school or a generational thing but I got so mad at the lack of respect they had. For their teacher(s) mostly but also each other & even themselves. I just can't imagine ever treating a teacher like that. In my day, in my circles it would be uheard of! Maybe things have changed in 25 years but whatever it is I think its sad.

I liked this movie for how it was made and the whole process but it all made me so mad at the whole system. So I can't really say if I'd recommend it or not. Sorry. It did win the Palm d'Or at Cannes if that makes a difference to you :)

i love you man

Melis & I went to see a screening of "I Love You Man" on thursday. It was so funny! I thought it might get over the top or gross humor but it didn't really get bad. Paull Rudd was great! I wished Alex was there so much. It totally made me think of him and something he could have written. And it has Rush! So, I totally recommend going & seeing it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

growing up

This week is a year since our kitty, Dashi, was born. This is what we figured out from how old they said he was when we got him from the shelter. We decided his birthday should be around the 16th of march. Yea! Happy Birthday little one! He's such a cutie & we are so happy to have him in our lives. Someday we'll have a house that he can run around & most importantly, more than one window!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

on my way

I'm on my way to the airport :( I'm also hacking up half a lung & have a stuffy nose & horrible headache so... Fun all round, eh? I'm so gonna miss Alex its not funny. But he'll be home in a couple weeks. Yea!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am sooooooo over being sick. I'm really just not good at it. It also sucks that I got sick for the one weekend Alex has had off while I've been here. I took some cold medicine & ploughed through but I hate the effect it has on me. It keeps changing so I'm hoping its on its way out. First sore throat, then congested chest, then cough. Now it's a little cough but mostly in the nose. Gugh. And I can't really sleep so. Bummer. What a way to be when I have to fly, eh?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

most amazing meal

Ever! So much to say about this meal from "the Green Table" & the Carver Co. But now, I'm sleepy & can't think. Really though, I thinks it may be the best meal I've had in New York. Yummmmm

chelsea market

Today I came down to the Chelsea Market. It's a long passthrough with many shops on either side. Mostly selling food, of all sorts. It's an amazing place. Alex's movie is shooting down here at a bakery today & I've wanted to come anyway so came today.

It's very crowded & not a good day to "visit the set" but I got to see him a couple times & wander around this fun place. Whenever we get to build our "dream house" we need to send them here to see our style. We both love it! Exposed bricks. Funky wood & cement floor. Industrial lighing. Very classy design in the shops. Way cool. I've been sitting watching the world go by & reading my book and its very fun. Now... off to another adventure. :)

update: just as I was going to leave the market Alex came out & said I could go on to the set! Yea! I stood behind the "video village" for a bit but then moved so I wasn't in the way, to where production people were. I couldn't see anything there so I just hung out for a little while. I thought of going to see a play but I would have had to rush so I though I'd take my time & wander the market a bit & have something to eat. Thanks Sweets! That was fun. :)


Went to the Apple store to pass some time on tuesday. It was packed! Every computer had someone on it & someone waiting. Only 2 of the whole lot were people being helped by apple employees. I'd say 80%, at least, were logged in to their facebook accounts. Crazy!


On sunday we took the F train out to Brooklyn to see our friend from LA that moved here last year. In december they had a baby & she is so sweet. We saw their home & walked around a bit. Had a scrumptious lunch & saw lots of pictures. It was so great to see them! I wish we had more time that Alex had more days off. But at least we got there.

blithe spirit

On saturday Alex was working late so I went online to see what theater there was out there. There were a few to choose from that I wanted to see but Blithe Spirit looked fun. It's not a musical (yea) it's funny (yea) & had fun actors in it (yea). Angela Landsbury A Rupert Everret. So I bought myself a ticket! It's still I "previews" and opens next week but I think I like it more. They don't all quite know their lines & staging so it seems more "real" & like they are reacting & searching. I had almost an entire row to myself! It was great fun & I'm really glad I went.

the met

I went to the Met on friday to play with my camera & ne lens. I was there for over three hours but so could have stayed longer. I might have to go back if I make the time. I miss all my old "friends" there.
I hadn't refilled my metro card on the way there & didn't have any change so I couldn't take a bus home & didn't want to walk the many blocks out of the way to get back to the subway so... I called my sister! She "walked" with me the 30 or so blocks back home. That was better for me anyway (to walk) and I got to catch up with her. A win win :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

nyc photos

I've posted some photos from my trip on facebook but haven't put them anywhere else yet. These links should let you see them without a facebook account. I've had a ton of fun taking them =)

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

to do

I seem to be waaaaaaaay behind in my blog posting. I never even got everything posted from the last time I was in NYC. Let alone everything that's happened in LA with work & home & life. Jeez. and not much from this trip to NYC. I'd best get on the ball! =)


apartment therapy

Our apartment was on Apartment Therapy today!!! See it HERE It's one of my favorite ever websites!

They actually came over last week to take photos for their new book! Woooo! I won't believe it till I see it (next spring) as you never know what the publisher will like or not, but it was a great experience. =) Scroll down on their page for a pic of our living room & curtain (I KNEW I should have tucked in that tag. Dang.) Very exciting =)

I need to write more about the whole experience altogether. Maybe I'll have time tomorrow waiting in line for The Daily Show.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

kids at play

Central park is way fun today :)


It snowed about 7 inches last night & it's beautiful today! Freezing!!!! But beautiful :)