Wednesday, December 31, 2008

oh dear

So, for xmas for "the girls" (our guide daughter & her sister) we got
son Wii games as they got a Wii from Santa. While we were there we,
uh, got a couple of games for ourselves, heh heh. So far we've only
really had the basic games & wii fit but now... I think I may have
lost Alex to the rebel rsngers air battle. :). I got through level 1
of the Indiana Jones lego game but, really, turns out I prefer stand
up video games to console ones. Too many buttons! I'll stick to ski
jumping :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

no break

It's not even New Year's and when I went to the drug store today they had a huge row of Valentine's cards! Jeez! Can't we have just one week between consumer based holidays?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

garage clearing pt3

Doesn't look like much but it's a huge amount done. And no more work

garage clearing pt2

The full dumpster.

garage clearing

Today we spent the day clearing a small part of the garage at my
grandparent's house. Mostly the workbench area. At the end of the day
it doesn't look like we did much but we did fill a dumpster & 3 trash
cans. There was so much rat poop it was gross. I now think that my
grandfather never threw anything away. I've never seem so many plugs/
sockets and unused tool sets! Mel, Alex & I did a great job I think.
More to come in the new year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


The troops are pooped! Alex is asleep on the couch, Mel is asleep on
the chair & Dashi is asleep up on the bed. Presents are exausting!
What fun! Shhhhhh...


After sleeping in, a wonderful pancake "breakfast" cooked by Alex and
opening a ton of prrzzies we are very content & sleepy. So much to
read, play, wear, learn... Happy Day to all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We went to Jackalope to look for a couple things the other day & were shocked to see it almost empty (for that place that is usually packed with furniture). It looked like they were going out of business :( We went down stairs & were looking around downstairs & with a rustle from the shadows the store cat came to see us. Very sweet and purry. I reminded Alex that last time he had sat on his lap so A sat down & sure enough he jumped right up. :) Since alex isn't alergic right now (cause we have a cat) he could pet & cuddle it. What a sweety. Now, if we could just figure out what the hack is up with the store!

holiday cheer

Friends of ours (who used to have their office in our building) had a holiday party last wednesday. Alex couldn't go so I went to say hi. Didn't get there till 10:30ish but the place was still hoppin. It was good to see them, and their kidlet, as they are usually living in new mexico these days. They gave me some tamales to take home (that alex ate) and some huge cupcakes that I took to the office. They were greatly received!! Good to see you guys!

yule log

Alex got an app on his iphone that plays the yule log fire place like they have on tv. It is so fun! He had to show mel, mom & bun a couple weeks ago. :)

toys for kids

At the office we had an xmas tree with a bunch of tags on it. Each tag had a child's name, age & gift wishes or needs. You tear off the bottom & get them presents. I took 3 kids names, a 6 year old, a 2 year old & an infant. I went & got them prezzies and put them "under" the tree. There was sooooo much stuff under the tree! It was very heartening to see people giving so much to others in need. That's what the season is about. We got all the tags on the tree taken care of! Yea!

pet me please

I went to Marie Calenders to get Alex a birthday pie and there was a puffy cat just sitting there at the door. A couple people petted him & an employee said he's there a lot. I pet him on my way out and he was so lovey & soft! I guess that's where he goes for his petting fix :)

cutest cat ever pt2

cuttest cat ever!


Alex made us a fab pizza for Xmas eve dinner. Yum!



Alex and his birthday pie & ice cream. Soooooo much better than cake. :)


I think I'll post some extra photos on the blog tonight. Here's Alex
trimming the tree.

Friday, December 19, 2008

yea day!

Today is the birthday of my wonderful, loving, very patient, sweet, gem of a guy, husband.

I feel so bad because I have been so busy with work & my grandmother's memorial stuff that I haven't had time to do or plan ANYTHING. I'm so sorry sweets. But I love you dearly and am just glad that we get to time next week with no distractions to be with each other.

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous year.
I love you  =)

clearing up

Alex & Melis spent all of yesterday clearing up the outside of my grandmother's house. I don't think any of it has been touched for years & was in desperate need. They've been working on it today as well but I think the impressive photos are from yesterday.
Have a look-see:




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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the end

It's official. The end of the world is here...
Hell has frozen over.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We got home from a loooonng day away from the house (poor Dashi) and
still hadn't put the tree together :( Alex was so tired so he went to
bed. I was kinda tired but not totally so I put the lights on the
tree. Dashi was very curious & gave me a couple scares as he climbed
up on the railing. Eek! But all is well now & looking great.
Tomorrow... ornaments! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today we went to get our xmas/yule/winter solstice tree. We usually go cut it down, but with the memorial & busy time @ work we didn't do that. Dad is using my car while he's in town so we have Alex's & Melissa's so we took Mel's & put the top down, tied it down & braved the cold(for LA) the few blocks home. Yes! Now we have to go to Mel's garage to get our lights & decorations...


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today we had a memorial service for my grandmother, who we called Omi. It was a great service & Melis & Dad did great getting it together. I should post the programe as there are some great photos in it. Afterwards we had a party at Omi's house for her. She loved giving parties and would have loved everyone gathered for her. We had wonderful food & cider & deserts and great stories about Omi. Thanks for the organizing guys and to everyone who came and celebrated her amazing life. xoxoxoxoxox


The other night I got home before Alex. Dashi & I played & ate & he cozied on my lap for a while, but then he got up & went downsatirs. He just sat by the door and didn't want to come back up. About 5 (or more) minutes later Alex got home & came in the door. He's so excited when Alex is home. But isn't that funny he knew he was coming!?

soups up

When I was sick last week all I wanted was soup. Alex was a sweety and got me some. Many choices! And... an orange :)


So where does your bag and/or jacket go in this situation? Weird.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Today is our niece's 13th Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

She is such a cutie and a sweet girl and... a lefty! Which is the best thing ever (I STILL wish I'd been a lefty-sigh). It was fun to spend time with her at Thanksgiving but need more than a couple days a year with her.

Welcome to your teens! Yikes  =)


Poor Dashi. Today the fire alarm went off for 3-5 min in our apartment building. I got an email about it from the manager so I asked Alex about it when I talked with him. While for us it is a VERY annoying sound, for Dashi it terrifying! He ran downstairs. Then up stairs. Then he up to the bed platform &, since the bed is on the "floor", he crouched down next to the bed as tight as he could. Alex went up sit with him & pet him. After the noise stopped he stayed up there a while but Dashi stayed up there a good hour. =( Poor little bean.

I wonder if next time Alex shouldn't put him in his carrier & take him for a drive. It's not his favorite thing to do but he's not terrified by it and if you pet him he's ok.


Thursday, December 04, 2008


I keep trying to send a post w/a photo & it is NOT going through! Either something's wrong or I will look later tonight & have 6 photos of my grandmother on there tonight. (If that happens, please be patient & I will fix it).
So, this is kinda a test but mostly a vent/explanation.  =)

scott r

I was so shocked & saddened to find out yesterday that the guy I've gone to for 18 years to get my hair cut, Scott Ruffalo, was shot in the head this week. He is such a great, sweet, amazing guy. He is a bit of a wild guy too but who'd think that this would happen in Beverly Hills? Melissa was just talking about going to him in the next couple weeks and Alex & I were talking yesterday morning about me getting my hair cut and I thought of him. I'm still shocked. We aren't the most regular of customers but we always love to see him & he loves to see us.

His brother is an actor so it's getting a lot of press here but I've known him a long time and he used to talk about his brother getting into acting & how he'd take care of him & get him suits so he'd look good at events. He is such a great support for his brother Mark.

When Zoe was in town last dummer we went to see him & had  an AWESOME time. We went and had an afternoon in Beverly hills and he cut both our. hair. I don't think Zoe'd met anyone like him. He is indeed unique.

My thoughts go out to him and his family.  xoxoxoxo

more at

Zoe getting her hair cut by Scott

Scott & his brother Mark



My grandmother passed away last weekend after Thanksgiving. It was not sudden as she hadn't been too healthy this past month, but that doesn't make it any easier. I had been thinking about what to say on my blog about it but hadn't gotten anything "on paper" when my sister sent her email to her friends & family about it. What she says is so eloquent and rings so true I asked her if I could post it. She graciously said yes so here it is.

Love you Omi!

Begin forwarded message:

From: Melissa Kurtz
Date: December 2, 2008 12:40:24 AM PST>
Subject: In Loving Memory of my Grandmother

My grandmother, Sara Briar Kurtz (I called her Omie, the German name for grandmother), has passed away. At the grand age of 95, she had lived a long and fabulous life and had enjoyed many adventures all over the world. We are very sad to lose her love, energy, companionship and guidance and she will be greatly missed...

From Omie I learned the enrichment of artistic expression, the power of determination, the love of travel and new adventures, the reward of pursuing knowledge and learning, the value of hard work, the joy of cooking, and the wonderful model of deep loyalty and love she shared with her husband, Eldo (Opa to me), to whom she was married for 66 years. She was an amazing woman and I have enjoyed the significant time I have been able to spend with her throughout my life, and especially over these past few years.

She died peacefully in her sleep after enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. I wish her well on her transition to a place where her spirit will soar and dance without limits.

With love and light,


(photo of Omie and me at her surprise 95th birthday party)

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