Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Earthquake!! Had a 5.4 quake here this morning, about 30 miles away. It was way long too! I finally got through to Alex to see if he and the cat were ok. All is well. Nothing broken here or there. But it sure did take a while for AT&T to get back up & working. Weird.

Monday, July 28, 2008

the loot!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We didn't want to walk all the way back to the car last night as we were sooooo pooped so we got 2 bicycle cabs. Our poor guy has only been in the US 2 weeks! (from turkey) and he was struggling a bit. But he was sweet. Then, sleep. Ready for the next fun filled day!

Friday, July 25, 2008

comic con

This weekend we're down in San Diego for the Comic Convention. Dad, Melis, Dylan & I came down this morning. It took a looooong while to park but we made it. We've been walking around for hours & my back is a hurtin'. And we still have 2 moe days! We saw some friends & bought some toys and scanned the boothe for a more intricate look tomorrow. We went to the Imagi booth first today, and have been carrying around the bags all day for our stuff. A lot of companies give out these "loot" bags these days so it's fun to see them all.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hiya! I've put together an album of photos of Dashi (here) to see him "through the ages". He is so HUGE now I can hardly remember when he was tiny!
I've used the new Mac service so let me know how it works.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


I realized I never wrote how to pronounce Dashi's name.

Most people seem to think we are saying Dash (like a quick run) but
it's really said Dah-she (emphasis on dah).

So, that's the diction lesson for the day. Now, off to cuddle the

TV lover

Here's Dashi REALLY wanting to see whatever it was we were watching on
TV. So fun. :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I've been driving to work in the car this week because of my back. Usually I drive A's car (hybrid compact vs old suv) but he uses it on wednesday nights so I'm driving mine today. On the way to work it was VERY low on petrol but I didn't have time to stop so I waited 'till I was on the way home. When this car is close to empty it usually takes 18 gallons to fill so that's what I expected but it stopped at 16ish. ? Then I realised it had stopped at $75! It wouldn't let me get more. Isn't that so sad that it would have taken more than $75 to fill the tank & go only about 260miles! Ugh. I totally have to get back on the motorcycle!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

red, white & blue

Yesterday we celebrated the red white & blue. we had brunch at Le Pain Quotidian for some french quiche & croissants. Then we went to see the movie "Wanted" because we love the Russian director's movies. Then we went to Luck Baldwin's pub for bangers & mash/chips for dinner. Yea! Turns out there are quite a few countries out there with red, white & blue flags. We just wanted to anything but the typical "americana" crap that goes on every year. We wanted to get some galato (I know not r,w&b) but we ended up at a yogurt place. As you cansee in the photo, they were celebrating. But we didn't get any of their lame "freedom vanilla" or such flavours.
So, all in all a great day, mostly because I wasn't at the office and got to spend the day with Alex. :)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

voting member

We tried when we were in the UK to get into BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). We never heard back from them and we were moving back here right then anyway. I have thought about the LA branch but the application submission time was never when I was thinking. But this year, for some reason, I thought about it in April. I looked on the web site & the submission date was April 30th! So we got to work. Filled out the paperwork, got a letter of recommendation and a second sponsor & everything else we needed. Got it delivered on the last day and waited. For two months! But... we finally got word that Alex was accepted! Wahoo! This is so cool. This means hecan go to their screenings (which are plentiful) and parties (like the garden party we went to) and he gets to vote! That's cool. The BAFTAs are basically the british version of the Academy Awards. They are waaaaay important in england (& sorta here) so it's really an honour. Very fun! Congrats Sweets!! (see, we knew bei
ng english would come in handy for something someday) :)


I'd had a stressful week at work. Stress at home. Ridden the mmotorcycle a little stiffly. Played the WII a little too aggressively. Eaten crappy fast food for dinner. Late. Went to bed. Slept. Half woke up as I turned over from my back to my side &..... Twang! I felt my back go out. Man, that sucks. I went back to sleep but when I woke up on saturday, there it was. I was in deep pain, crunched over & my body looked like an S. no fun at all. I made it through the weekend and on sunday night saw my chiropractor. I felt much better after leaving him, but it was much better.
Monday I went to my weekly accupuncturist apointment & unfortunately got in the wrong position. I was in such pain it took me 10 minutes to get off the table. And even then I was shaking & crying a tad. I made it through work. I had to. I was the only editor at work that day. I slept on the couch. That was much better for my back & the cat likes to sleep on your chest or stomach if you're flat enough. Its been getting better & better, which is great. I'm not shuffling any more and I'm moving faster. But, its still there. Lurling in the background (no pun intended). By next week, I'll probably be taking my body for granted again. Aren't they really amazing things, the body?


So, for the holidays in december we got our goddaughter (for lack of a better word) horseback riding lessons. And, last sunday, we actually got the process started! With a lot of help from Mel, we shcheduled hannah for a class on how to take care of your horse & get it ready to ride and an evaluation class to see where to put her in the actual classes. A & I took her on sunday for the care & prep class. My back was totally wonky but just being around horses made my heart sing. Its a good thing we went too, cause for her lessons you are required to get your horse brushed & saddled & everything yourself. And at 8 she can't really do (or reach) all of it on her own. Now, whoever takes her to her classes will know what to do! :) Tomorrow she gets the evaluation and gets to actually be on a horse :) I think I was just about her age when I started riding in England. What a great thing that was. One of the best parts of my life. I have to find some photos of me & my horse Sparky. Man, he was great.


We went to see a screening of WALL•E last weekend on the Disney lot. It was soooooo cute! So well made & beautiful to look at. The whole first half (at least) doesn't really have any dialogue at all and it works so well. I highly recommend seeing it. There were a couple things I would have done... Differently, but such a great film!

where's matt

I posted the last "Where the hell is Matt?" dancing video cause it made me smile so much. Now, here's a new one and it's AWESOME!!! He is the funnest!

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