Saturday, May 31, 2008


I filled up my tank on my motorcycle last night and it was $8.78 for 1.92 gal. I went 162 miles so I'm getting about 80 mpg. How cool is that? I really am enjoying my bike :)


the police

Oh my gosh. So much to catch up on! But for now... Last night Alex took me to see The Police at the Hollywood Bowl!! They are my favorite band of all time. Ever. It was really cool! We missed them at the begining of their tour when they were in LA last time, and we'd seen them play 3 songs at Live Earth. But a whole concert... AWESOME!! They were so cool. Sting was fun & his voice was amazing but the best was Stewart Copeland. He was my hero as a kid and I remember drumming to all their albums when I grew up in england. We had heard a commercial for their concerts or something that was happening in San Francisco & thought we should see if they were playing in LA, but we forgot. Until tuesday. They were playing that night! Alex got tickets & we were off.

I have more to write but I've already been trying to send this for 3 days so I'm just going to send this off now. Maybe i'll write more later. I have soooo many posts to send & photos I did send but need to write about! Aak!

Go Police! :)

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Today we were out doing errands and we passed a shelter with a sign for a "kitten adoption faire-today!" so... we stopped in. And... We adopted a kitten!! She is so small & cute & all black. She fell right asleep in Alex's & then my arms. We signed the paper work & they are going to take her to the vet this week & then we pick her up from there. Yea! Alex has wanted a cat for years and we even were going to get one two & a half years ago but never found one. We thought we'd want a grey one but this one just jumped out at us & her personality seems to fit just right. so now we have to get our home ready... Eek!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

road trip!

Ahhh. There's nothing like te Central Valley. Well, not much is a barren & yuch. But, I guess the locals like it. Heh heh.

We're going up north this weekend. We got a later start than we wanted but that's ok. We just stopped for gas off the I-5 at the 46 and man, that sucked. The posted price was 13¢ less than the actual price. I guess the posted price was for cash. But who's gonna pay cash anymore? I guess that's what they count on. So whilst filling up & being pissed about that the tank filled & when it clicked off the nozzle jumped out of the car! As it fell to the ground it splashed some gas on my foot. Oh well. I'm wearing sandals. But then Alex picked it up & it poured some on his tennies! Ugh. Then, we went to the bathrooms to clean it up but it was flooded! We went to Denny's. Much better. So, never go to the 76 station at that exit. The car now smells like gas cause it's on his shoe :(

To keep the good news going, Bunny has been out of town last week but was coming back this morning (part of the reason we didn't drive last night) but her flight got canceled & now she won't get home until midnight! What a bummer. I look forward to the weekend getting better. I'm not at work, so that's a tremendous start! :)


friday night pong

When I left the office some of my co-workers were in a big ping pong competition. Very fun! :)


Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day!

Today we came to Omi's home to spend mother's day with her and Mom.
Meis, Alex & I brought some fixing and made waffles! Yum. Before we
left home Alex got to talk with his parents, so that was fun :)

Happy day to all mothers and mother types in our life!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

first outing

We went on our first excursion together today! For our weekly Porto's ritual we thought we should try it on the motorcycle. Part of the reason we wanted a bike or scooter was so we could go on our little jaunts, to Porto's or Tom's or AMC burbank, etc, without taking a big ole car. So we attached a cup holder & threw a bag over my shoulder & headed out.

We made it there in no time. Alex was a champ at driving, especially since he hasn't been out much on the bike. We got there, got our breakfast & figured out how to carry it all. One drink in the cup holder, the pastries in the bag we brought & I carried the other drink, holding on to Alex w/one hand. It all worked great! the bike is a small one for two people but it was totally fun! Yea!

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

home away from home

Alex's parents are off again to the boat in the UK. They've arrived
safely (yea!) and are visiting friends on the way from London to the
boat. Can't wait to hear about the adventures this season!

I also am totally jealous & want to visit as soon as possible. :)


on the road

The other day Alex and I left home at the same time as he had a
location scout. He took this photo of me :)