Thursday, January 31, 2008


This morning... I fell down the stairs. =( Noooooo, not the bed loft ones, the regular ones. There are so many excuses I can list (& will) but it just feels silly. It was 6-something in the morning (which you KNOW is not my best time), it was dark, I was trying to keep quiet as Alex was still sleeping, all sorts of things. But I think I just misjudged the step or thought I was one lower or something, all of a sudden I was down. Falls usually go one of two ways, really slow motion and you can see everything happening as it goes, or way fast & you don't see any of it. that's the kind this fall was. All of a sudden I had tripped(?) & I couldn't remember getting there really. I twisted my left foot in (it was the start of it all) I fell into the globe/stand on our landing and somehow (?) scraped my whole right shin. Weird. I now have a big, dark bruise under my left arm where the whole world hit me. It's even globe shaped! Okay, not really but it is a curved line.

I sat there for a minute & Alex came down to see if I was ok. I felt fine so I still went off to work out & start my day. As I sat at my desk all day & walked around the office, my left leg, ankle & shin, started to hurt more. I hadn't even known I hurt my left shin too. So, yippie. I'll just have to be careful with my ankle and probably not wear heels (like I did today like a dork). Send healing thoughts.


Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hi sports fans. In case you get here before I do I wanted to explain the recent posts. See, I haven't written in a while. Boo. I've taken the photos & even composed som entries in my head but somehow they haven't made it to the keyboard. So, tonight I've tried to catch up.

As with the last time I needed to "catch up" I've just sent from my phone (sorry about the photo quality) a bunch of pix for the blog. But to avoid writing bunches on the tiny keyboard on my phone (like now) I will go in, hopefully I'm hoping* tomorrow, and write the actual entry and add the propper dates. It's just easier all round that way. So, if you just get the bunch of photos, come back tomorrow for the words that go with the images

Ta for now! :)

* that's for you Dad! =)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

fancy dress ball


what a tease!

This is my new car. I signed up online for it and they are supposed to let us know when they get to us on the list. But this month a dealership opened up in our neighbourhood. I wanted ot go by & make sure the colour I want is a good one (it is but it's bright so it'll take some getting used to). But people are htere, buying cars! No wait!

We asked what happens if you're "on the list" and they are supposed to call & confirm the details, (model, colour, extras) and then they make it for you in Germany/France (we can't remember which) and 4-6 weeks later... it's here!

I'm a princess. I don't like waiting. I want my car now! This is a real bummer. =(

It's probably better though, cause if we buy our condo our credit will be better without a car loan on it but the car loan won't really be affected by the mortgage. So, we'll see. I hate waiting. I hate it. Instant gratification is my middle name.


Friday, January 25, 2008

elegant demise

Another thing I love about tulips (continuing from my previous post) is the way they wither. Most flowers just curl up, bend over, smell funny, they just die. But tulips... they are gorgeous in their death. They get bigger, they lean out, they are so graceful about the whole thing. I we all could learn something from them.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

drip drip drip

We've got a leak in our apartment. Bummer. Last week it was a drip every 20 seconds or so. We told the manager so someone tried to "fix" it. This week when the rains came we were hopeful. Well, it's worse! Now it's a constant drip. And it splashes off a pipe. We've covered all the shakespeare books & the globe lamp and put a pot out to catch it. I love the rain. I hate the drips.


remember when?

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la river

It's been raining here in LA. A lot. Driving home tonight was a bit of an adventure. At one intersection I slowed down as I knew there was a big trough of water but, apparently, the huge suv in the other lane didn't think they needed to do the same thing. They zoomed past me and completely soaked my windscreen (I was in Alex's car) and I couldn't see a thing for a couple seconds. Which, when you are in a huge metal box going 35mph, is pretty scary.

I had a red light soon after so I took the above picture to illustrate the LA flooding point. This city(?) it crazy when it rains. No one knows how to drive, and the streets are all flooded. There is only pavement so there is no where for the runoff to go. It happens every year so you'd think people would figure out something, but no, the other 355 days a year are so nice, everyone forgets. Sigh.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

portable beauty

I love flowers. I love tulips. They might now be my favorite flower. This is a bit weird for me as I never liked tulips when I was growing up and thought it was weird that Melis did, but I'm a changed woman! =) They remind me of London now as well. Weird I know, but it's true. I didn't get many tulips before moving there. But there was this little grocers around the corner from our flat there and he always had a little selection of flowers. Things are still slightly seasonal in England so he had seasonal flowers. In the spring was tulips! They were so pretty & somehow went with the flat. I got them whenever possible and took loads of pictures of them. Also, whilst living in England, we went to Kukenhoff in the netherlands. It's a park that you pay to see, that had literally hundreds of tulips growing. We got there at the end of the season but it was AMAZING! There were also fields of tulips off of the park where they grow the ones to sell. I was so blown away. All of this has stayed with me & every time I see tulips I smile a huge smile =)

And flowers in general are so great. I get some every week for my office and it makes all the difference. It's so great to be able to bring such beauty into the cave that I spend all my days in. Very good for the soul.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

office humor

Happy day Kev...

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Monday, January 21, 2008

on the town

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fun with light and water

Sunday, January 20, 2008

in the grove groove

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girls day out

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Friday, January 18, 2008

birthday celebrations

We went to lunch today for Jill's birthday! Happy Day to you!!!!!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

play time


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

hard work

Some of the crew this evening...

Okay, okay... They were on a break and were going back to work & I was leaving :) but I thought it was a fun image :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

it's a start

We love doing our holiday cards. We really have a lot of fun & it reminds us what a fabulous time we've had in the past 12 months. We figured out what we wanted to do for this year's card in September. Then... it got so busy. Work, Alex's birthday, the holidays, the flu... now, here it is, a week into January, and we've just got a rough layout. Bummer.

So, to make myself feel better I thought I'd throw together some of our past cards on their own page on the site. Some of them were actually mailed out, some, just lingered in the computer ready to go. Some actually got printed out & in envelopes but STILL didn't get mailed. Geez!

So, while we still might finish this year's one, or maybe it will just have a life online, enjoy some of our past adventures HERE! Happy 2008 all!

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

black out

We had finally settled in this evening after eating and were watching some woodworking on tv when the power went out! Oops. Its really raining out there & a little windy but the power flickered at first and then totally out. We found out our UPS (uninterruptible power supply) machines worked for the computers. When the power goes out it keeps the computers on for a while and beeps at you so you can shut down safely & not loose anything. Which we did. But the tv/tivo ups was pretty useless. It lasted about 10-12 minutes. That doesn't help much. Oh well. Good to know. Now I just hope the tivo comes back on.

Alex is, of course going around and taking lots of photos of all the candles that we have going and their reflections. :)

Unfortunately I think we may have a leak. Since it's so quiet we can hear the dripping on the brick wall somewhere. The annoying thing is that we've had way worse rain than this before but no leaks. Someone was up on the roof banging away at stuff this morning. Hmmmm. I hope they didn't have anything to do with it.

For now it's kinda romantic & nicely quiet with all the candles (& the drip) & book lights to read & blog by.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

stormwatch 08

Well, that's what the news channels are calling it I'm sure. They said for the last few days a big storm was coming & it was supposed to be here last night. But nothing. This morning when I left it was drizzling. By the afternoon it was pouring. I drove through quite a few "rivers" on the way home. We decided to walk to get some take out dinner. Its just water, right? We put our shoes & rain jackets on, got our umbrellas & headed off.

I guess I'm used to new york rain because it's heavy but it's just coming down. In LA there are rivers everywhere. In all the streets, in the crosswalks, sidewalks... The drainage isn't great so it flows down the street. That's tricky when you want to get across. So, we made it but we were SOAKED! It was fun though.

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arclight SO

Last night we went to the new arclight sherman oaks to see Juno. What a really fun movie! Very witty and well written. And the lead girl is great. Everyone is, but she stands out. I recommend going out & seeing it right now.

As far as the cinema goes... What a relief to have a good cinema in the valley! We would go to the arclight in Hollywood to get the best movie going experience but now they've opened this one and it's around these parts. Yea! They have a HUGE wall of posters in the hall that is so fun. We can't figure out rhyme or reason for the choices (Xanadu & dr Zhivago?) but there's about 100 of them. The photo is Alex standing in front of a small portion of them. We will definitely be back soon.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

rose parade

Even though I'm feeling pretty horrible & fluish we got up in the weeee hours this morning & headed to the Rose Parade. Friends of Omie's had some extra tickets they couldn't use so gave them to us last night. It was lots of fun (after I gave in and took some dayquill-shhhh don't tell anyone). we saw the sun come up. Saw the floats & tons of bands & equestrian groups. We were surrounded by people from Illinois so they got lots of cheers. We cheered loudly for USC. :) It was all over too quickly and now we're starving, tired & my dayquill is wearing off. Let's eat!
(I was so caught up in the parade & taking pix w/my cool olympus I forgot to take a pic with this phone! Oops!)

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happy 2008!

Happy happy new year everyone!!! Hoping your 2008 is a fabulous and fun one full of laughter & prosperity. Cheers!!! :)