Monday, December 31, 2007

us photo

We went by Starbucks tonight and saw these mugs that reminded me of
us. Me on the left & A on the right. :)

(man this is hard to get used to, typing on A's iPhone)


achey brakey

I went & got myself sick AGAIN this week. Friday night I felt a little off & by sat morning my throat was all swolen & I had a fever & the chills. Alex went off to see some movies I didn't want to or had already seen & I slept on the couch. More of the same on sun. I felt a little better but still queasy whenever I stood up. Ugh. I really hate being sick. I had to get up early this am for an accupuncture apt so it was good that I felt better, but still fraginle. Bummer. My throat really hurts. I'm kinda bummed cause it's such a waste of vacation time!! Oh well. Will I make it to midnight tonight?

bonne année

Happy New Year to all our friends in Europe! Mostly our friends we left behind in London, but also Paris, Berlin, etc...
Can't wait to see you all again!

(to learn how to say "happy new year" in all sorts of languages, click HERE.)

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

so sad

As much as I hate the current administration in the US and truly think the people in charge are a rare breed of evil I am still so grateful to live in the US & the "western" world. The assassination of Bhutto in Pakistan today is really devistating. She was a smart & conscientious leader and, obviously, a big threat to the dictatorship there. The elections that were to have been held on Jan 8 would have been a huge step towards democracy but now the path to a democratic Pakistan has been pushed so far back.

In the US our "leaders" did many illegal things to steal the 2000 election & did almost as many voter suppressions, etc in 2004, but none of the opposition candidates were killed. They still have to hear what they say & what they stand for & give the illusion of a "fair" election. But you can't just "get rid" of someone because you are threatened by them.

My heart goes out to Bhutto's family & supporters & the whole country of Pakistan.


what's in a name

This time of year we get lots of holiday cards in the mail. It's so fun & we love it. But I find it funny that it seems the folks in england can't seem to get our name correct. I know when we changed our name it wasn't the "usual" way but most people have gotten used to it & all our US cards were correct. But the english ones... Well... First of all they are mostly addressed the "proper" (meaning a hundred years old way of doing things) way of "Mr. & Mrs. A ...." which if you know me, or read my blog you know drives me batty. But aside from that no one could deem to get our sirname right. We got a "Hill-Kurtz", a "Kurtz" with "Hill-" written over it as an after thought. We got a "Hill". and more I'll have to look up & update, but not many "Hillkurtz" cards. I just thought it was funny.


A while ago Cameron Crowe's company called Alex to have him do an illustration for them. They release limited editions of vinyl LPs and they were doing one for an anniversary release for the "Harold & Maude" soundtrack (what a great film) which is all Cat Stevens tracks. He did a fabulous drawing of Cat and they were going to insert it into the album. Remember when they used to do that? A couple months ago Alex visited them & got a couple copies of the poster, so cool, and I've had one hanging in my office.

On xmas eve CC's office called & said they wanted to get something to Alex & A assumed it was a copy of the album. When it showed up, it was indeed the album, which is a masterfully put together project with photos, history, stories, A's poster, really great stuff. Kudos to Andy. but there was also a big poster. They had framed A's poster for him. Wow. But then we opened it. It was the printing original with the print boxes on the side and... It was signed! "for Alex with peace. Yusuf" Wow. That is sooooo cool & amazing. A was so touched. We are so excited to figure out where to hang it. Thanks guys! You rule :)

(more on Yusuf/Cat HERE)

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Xmas day we, again got a late start but Bunny made her world famous french toast (yum) & then we finally got to the presents. It took a long while, as there are always more than we expect, but it was a hoot. We got mom & bun some digital picture frames & we all spent a while reminiscing and looking at the "albums". We had left-overs, again late, which were still yummy.

We talked to a bunch of folks on the phone, A's parents, Dad & Clare, the Daffern's, A's grandmother, etc... So that was way fun. We also got a bunch of texts from people and sent some of our own. Ah, the digital age :) Now, if we could just get our new year's cards out...


xmas eve dinner

We had our big feast dinner on xmas eve. Of course, in true Kurtz fashion, we started everything late so we ate late but it was totally yummy! My grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, alex & I gathered at my sister's house. It was a lovely evening.


We got our cute little Yule tree lit up & covered with the ornaments we've collected. He looks so cute & is just the right size for our home. Yea!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yuletide Greetings!

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Today is the longest night of the year and when we have ceremonies to bring back the sun for longer and, eventually, warmer days.

I hope everyone's upcoming year is full of love and peace. Cheers and love to all. =)


Friday, December 21, 2007


Out shopping tonight we stopped at a Coffee Bean. In their case they had a bottle of water. And on the label it actually said: "fat free". Wow! Where do I even start? That is one of the lamest things ever. I can understand marshmallows sayin fat free (they are!) but water? Now that is definately a "really?" moment.


We finally got a tree tonight. Yea! It's the first time in years that we haven't gone out & cut one down. But we're doing x-mas at Mel's this year & the last few weekends have been taken up with b-day party (& prep) & family so we just haven't had the time. So, we got a little guy and he looks wonderful in our little home. He smels awesome too :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I really am not ready for the season that is upon us. The Solstice on saturday or the gift giving on tuesday. I know the stores are empty of "stuff" & full of frazzled shoppers. Not my idea of fun. Sleep. Now that's my idea of fun :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

loves, sweets

Today is Alex's Birthday. He's off camping somewhere North (I think) and I miss him tons. I've been thinking of him all day. What a wonderful man he is. I'm so lucky to be in his life & him in mine.

Sending you loads of loves & squeezes, Sweets. Can't wait to have you home again.
I love you.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Alex just left to go on his trip for his birthday tomorrow. I'm really glad he's going & I think it will be good for him but, I miss him tons already. Really. Lots. Sigh.


Sunday, December 16, 2007


We had dinner at Omie's with Dad, Clare & her sons & grand kids. Mel was a trooper as a host and Dad & Clare made yummy yummy food. We played & talked for a long while after. Alex was so tired, as was I, but as D&C were leaving in the morning I stayed as long as I could.

I wish D&C could have stayed longer but I guess we'll just have to go see them, eh?
Safe travels & look forward to the next visit.


xxx* parents

We went to church today (can you believe it? Me, in church?!) as the Swnaborgs had asked us to be godparents to their older daughter. We were so honored!

swanborgsI'm sure I've "agreed" to a bunch of stuff I vehemently don't believe but we are happy to teach her about lots of spiritual paths & faiths & secularisms etc. and just to have an official title with her. We've loved her since the day after she was born when we first met her. And she is completely in love with Alex. No question there.

We all went to lunch after with them, Mel & their other daughter's godparents and had a hoot! Thanks guys. you rule!

*(xxxx'ed just because sometimes I can't bring myself to write the word)


Saturday, December 15, 2007

party treats

Mel took tons of Polaroid photos & had people sign them so now we can put them in an album. That's way fun.

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We had people over to celebrate Alex's 40th birthday!!! It was quite fun. We didn't get to spend enough time with everyone individually but it was so cool that people came & hung out. Melissa was a HUGE help & we couldn't have done it without her (as usual). Thanks Mel!!! I got personalized M&Ms that said "happy birthday" and "est. 1967" and coasters & napkins that said "est. 1967". They were way cool. We had yummy food and deserts. Lots of people brought wine & a couple bottles of Scotch. We stayed up wayyyy late & Mel & Alex were troopers in putting things away.

Thanks everyone! Happy Birthday Sweets!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Dad & Mel came over to have lunch with me. We went to eat downstairs from my office. That was fun. I showed them around the office & our space & new space (moving rooms over the holidays). It's kinda funny, for days people have been excited Dad was coming cause they all want to meet him (a lot of SW fans here) but when he came they were all out for a 3 hour birthday lunch. oh well. they loose & he got a calmer visit =)

Thanks for coming guys. That was fun. More please.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

dinner w/dad

Then we went to meet Alex & Dad for dinner in Sherman Oaks at one of my favorite places, La Frite. That was way fun! :)

too long

Yesterday, Mel & I went to a friend's place for a jewlery party. Kinda like a tupperwear party but with jewlery. I was very restrained, even though there was so much I would've like to buy. We haven't seen Marilou or Mark in wayyyyyy too long. :( We got to see a couple of their "kids" too, briefly (they are so grown up). We really want to get together in the new year!

out of touch

Wow! It's been a while since I've blogged. I think I'm too much of a perfectionist so when I want to write an entry if I can't write it all or the way I want, I don't even start. Then I get a few entries behind... Then I feel like I need to catch up so I don't do any! :(

So, I think I'l just start from here &, when I have time, post the photos (& descriptions) and pre-date them. Yea! I'm back. :)

hangin around

We finally got around to hanging our "Children of Men" poster on the wall. We really need to get our own very tall ladder. Poor Eric keeps coming home to find his gone. I'm glad it's up! Now... what's next?


Friday, December 07, 2007


We had our company holiday party & it was a fun event! The food was great (no rubber chicken) the band was rockin (wife of a co-worker) and spouses could come! A few employees got up & sang & played instruments and were really good! We talked to quite a few people and had a great time. Yea!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

b-day wishes

It was Ray's birthday so for his cake(s) they got them to say "guess what" "Ray... you're fired". It was pretty funny =)


Saturday, December 01, 2007


We went to one of our favorite local stores, Jackalope to get a couple things for under the stairs. They have a couple cats there that love attention. We sat down & one of them came right over & crawled onto Alex's lap. He loves cats so much it's a shame he's so alergic. Someday we'll get one & then, after a couple weeks, he will be "imune" but until then he starts sneezing way too soon. He hated to move this soft kitty but we had to be on our way & finish our errands. We'll be back kitty!