Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The director of my show did a pumpkin of a character from our film. I helped him out with some bits and we won the pumpkin carking contest! Woohoo!


Happy Samhain everyone! Or, halloween, if you prefer. Don't eat too much candy :) We had a lunch party here at the office which was fun. A bunch of people dressed up and we had pumpkin carving galore! I didn't know what to do last night, so I got some wings & Alex helped me put together a fary-ish outfit. I even have long pink eyelashes & a streak of silver hair (none of wich can be seen in the above photo). My friend Tony came as an x-mas tree. That was cute.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

passage to (little) india

Today we returned to Little India in Artesia. The last time we were there we saw a piece of furniture that we thought would be great for the bathroom. We didn't buy it then but I've been thinking about it ever since. Today, it came home with us! Yea! It is so tall it almost didn't fit in the car. We could've put it on the top I guess, but we stuffed it (and two stools, curtains, a bowl, some scarves...) in the back. My knees were in my chest but we made it home (after a quick stop in Pasadena).

Now we are in Hollywood waiting for a play to start that a friend of Alex's is in. A tiny place in a strip mall but it's cute. and it's a Neil Simon play. So, here's hoping...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the line

(note: for those who don't know, "crossing the line" is a term in film making that means to cut to an angle that is not consistant with the established viewing area. A short description is HERE )

Let me think about how many times REAL film makers, in straight up drama/action/main stream films "cross the line"..... Let's see... The Godfather (watched last night)- none. Braveheart? Philidelphia Story? Superman? None. None. None.

Seriously people. Let's all take a little film school 101 and try & make a decent "film" instead of a juvenile, saturday morning, 1950s WB cartoon humor "movie". Please!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fires =(


Southern California is burning. It's amazing how many fires are going on right now. On our way home from NoCal we passed two convoys of Fire Engines coming down to help but the heat & the wind are making it really hard to contain anything. And they are all over. From the Mexico boarder to Malibu to out east in San Bernardino. I hope they all do okay & not too many more homes go down. An area where friends live had to be evacuated. Bummer. Sending good thoughts out to all.


Monday, October 22, 2007

out of body

I feel so weird these last couple weeks. My whole body feels bloated. I look at photos of me now & see someone who looks kinda like me but has been bitten by a bee & is alergic. It's weird. I really don't feel like me.

I gained weight after we got here from London & being in vancouver didn't help. That was almost 20lbs. Then this summer I got 10 more lbs. It seeems to jump right on & no off. My body is changing, I'm getting older, & I'm not sure I like that. Really I want to be healthy, but I have to admit, I like it when I'm smaller. I will never be rail thin but that's ok. I don't think it'd suit me. But this is crazy.

I have so many fun clothes in my closet and I can't fit any of them! Totally depressing. But it's weird. It does seem like my body is not connected or in tune with "me". I need to fix that but I have no idea how to start. I just want Me back.


old homes

We finally left the farm & Walter late Sunday night and did NOT want to go. We headed south on hwy 1 to the 101. We passed my childhood haunts and the exits for one of my childhood homes. I never thought I'd miss it up there but I do.

We kept going south towards San Jose and drove right by the exit for Alex's childhood home. We both felt homesick. It was very late but it had been a couple weeks from now, we might have stopped & said hello to A's parents (but they are still in the UK).

Eventually we joined up with the 5 south and on our way home. Alex was a trooper & drove 5 hours. I slept a lot of that and then drove the last 2 hours. Right over the hill to LA & blazing fires in the mountains. Weird.

We almost got attacked by giant tumbleweeds and crazy truck drivers, but we made it home! Safe & sound and TIRED!!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


After a long day, & some sun burn, we headed back to land. Walter's friends are in the other canoe. They are the pros at this whole thing.

On the way back Alex took the back to steer. He also took a gazillion photos at the same time.

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treasure hunting

Alex & Walter searching for (whale) bones & (shark) teeth. They both found both. I found bones but no teeth.

water sports

After we got up, ate breakfast, Alex took pictures of the farm, the boys patched up the canoe & I fixed the computer Bunny works on at the farm, we headed off...

We went out in a canoe to a secret spot with Walter & some friends. We didn't fall in once!

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The kitty asleep on my book & my chest. So precious.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

where to?

The boys and their map.

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Alex and the animals. Even though he's allergic to cats, he couldn't help playing with the kitten all weekend. Sooooooo cute! And a crazy kitten she is too.

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dinner in town

We walked to town to eat at the Coast Cafe. YUM! Meatloaf, clam chowder & fish, all scrumptious. A lovely bottle of wine and we split a piece of the best pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmmm.

On the walk home some crazy person swerved to the other side of the road to almost hit us (on purpose). Weirdos. Otherwise it was a great, dark, walk both ways.

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the farm

We finally made it to Walter's! We so miss hanging out with our friend Walter, but he is still mostly based in London (despite our efforts for that to change) so this is a grand weekend opportunity to see him. =)

(I'm thinking I might just post some photos -from the phone- and not much writing. If I wait to write about the whole weekend it might take forever. We'll try & get some photos up from Alex's good camera & I'll update when that happens. Better to have something but a little, than nothing at all, right?) =)

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san rafael

A short stop on our way to Bolinas. SR is where my Dad used to have his office when I was a kid.

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no cal

This weekend we are in Northern California. The North Bay part, where I spent part of my childhood, not South Bay, where Alex grew up.

We left LA late last night (10pm) and A was a trooper & drove the whole way. We got to Bunny's around 4am & A went to bed. Bunny & I stayed up another hour.

We got up late & I helped Bun with some computer stuff & A taught her about subscribing to podcasts. She made us yummy french toast & we left very late to our next stop. How great to see Bunny! It's been too long.

podcast lessons

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Friday, October 19, 2007


foodIt's propoganda like this from WWII that make it very dificult for English (and European) people to not completely finish everything on their plate. It was kindof exhausting, when we lived in London, to be with so many people with this mind set. I don't like to waste things but I'm not going to eat just because it's there. It is the same kind of thinking that my grandparents and their generation have coming from the depression. They won't throw anything away. And I mean anything.

One woman I workid with in London would HAVE to eat everything and if we were eating together and I didn't finish she had to eat what was left on my plate. That's just crazy. Alex & I felt bad quite a few times when were at meals with friends and stopped eating when we were full but noticed the funny looks from everyone else because there was food left on our plates. (of course theirs were wiped clean).

Eventually we had a responce when we just couldn't figure out the English way of thinking about... anything. "Well, there's a war going on you know!" and then it would "make sense". I think Europe and the States are so different in that way. WWII was not on our soil and "we" didn't have to deal with it in such an imediate way so there just isn't the impact as there is there. I did especially notice it in England, more than any other countries.

So, thoughts of the day inspired by a post by NO IMPACT MAN

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

happy wishes

Today is my Mom's (the best mom in the whole world) Birthday! Huge hugs to you Mom. I love you tons & a bussel & a peck...!


On sunday we went up to Mel's to do some laundry & compost/yard work. As soon as our car pulled up the swanborg girls came running down the road to see their boyfrined, Alex. They sooooo love him. Granted he is way more fun than any other adult so I don't blame them :) They played in the house for a while. The three of them played hide & seek w/some tennis balls. Then the call came they were needed back at their house. Boo. So Alex carried them up the street (thus the photo) to their house. We talked with Eric for a while. Kate came out gleeful because the Packers won, and then we went back home to finish our stuff. Mel never came home (boo) but it was good to be there at the old stomping grounds.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

thank you

Here are the gorgeous flowers my wonderful hubby got for me today for our four year anniversary. With 4 purple roses in the middle (one for each year, get it?). They are so beautiful and are making me smile all day on my desk. Thank you Sweets!!!

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4 :)

Today is our 4th anniversary! (don't you love our photogenic neighbourhood?) It so doesn't feel like that long. We did have the best wedding ever. Really. Ever. I'm so glad to be married to Alex. It amazing & wonderful. Thanks for the adventure Sweets. xoxoxo

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

no escape

I was driving home last night and when I was stopped at a light I looked over to the City Bus next to me. There were TV screens in it with adverts playing! WTF? You can't even get away from them on your way home after (maybe) a hard day at work? Billboards are one thing )and totally anoying themselves) but, really?! That sucks.

Monday, October 08, 2007

mobile noise

When I run a company there will be a rule that if you have a mobile phone in a meeting it MUST be on vibrate or off. If it rings, we will all stop what we are doing and look at you and wait till you turn it off. It drives me crazy! And when it's people who should totally know better (even though everyone should) it's even worse.

I also am confused as to why people think that if they don't want to answer the ringing phone they can't just push the "red" button or the "volume down" button to turn the ring off. Then deal with the rest later. But they just try & cover it up & let it ring out. Whatever. People are just not as smart, or common-senseacle, as I think they should be.

Can I go home now today?

p.s. I think another rule should be that no one can answer a phone in a meeting. If it's really important the receptionist or coordinator can come get you. Jeez!


Friday, October 05, 2007

photo exibition

Mel put together a photography at Nickelodeon opening today. Nick has different art done by the employees every month. It's kinda fun. When Mel got back from India in december she set up this exhibit (oct was the first opening). She did a fabulous job & her pictures & the 6 other people's pictures really show some great moments abroad. Maybe I can get some up on-line. Yea Mel!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


After our great DMB show Alex started thinking he might have to go to again. Tuesday night was the last show of the current tour & bands usually give it their all on the last night. So... in the morning he got a ticket. Not down front like we were on monday, but middle-backish with the college students. He had gone past that group to go to the loo on monday & there was a ton more energy up there than down closer.

I couldn't go because of a screening we have at work tomorrow so I'm having a couple late nights. I'm bummed but it's okay cause then he can just go & be himself without worrying about me.

DMBWhen I got home I looked on the DMB web site to see the set list (which was updating live!) and saw that some songs he really liked had been played and the one song he loved from the latest album he got was played as an encore! Yea! He got home late & it was, as I suspected, amazing! Aaaaaaaaa. John Mayer played with them. Stephen Marley (the opening act) & his brother Ziggy came out to sing "Exodus" with them. Geez! So great for him. I hope they put out a DVD with at least some of the Hollywood Bowl shows. I'd love to hear it again. Good job on going sweets. Glad it was great (but I'm jealous).

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


A mostly AWESOME show tonight! We had seats in a box at the Hollywood Bowl so we shared it with an older couple, that seemed cool at first, but then they kept talking! Wtf? Then they were crazily dancing, banging into my chair, but better dancing than talking :) Dave and the guys were so great! It's kind of funny to see all the rich older people bobbing away with too much plastic surgury & no sense of rythm at all. It makes you almost want to sit in the cheap seats with the college kids. But, I think I like the 15th row ok. :) I'm so glad we came!


Monday, October 01, 2007

stephen marley

The opening act for Dave Matthews Band tonight!! Woo Hoooooo!