Sunday, September 30, 2007

testing resolution


more baseball pics

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go dodgers, uh, giants

Our friend Paul had some tickets to go to the Dodgers game this afternoon. He and Nena picked us up and off we went. It was the last Dodger game this season, and man, their heart wasn't in it. At times it was like the bad news bears. I think their best players weren't out there. They lost 11 to 2. Oops. We like San Francisco anyway so we could (quietly) root for them. Barry Bonds wasn't playing so we couldn't boo him. Boooooo. We had some dodger dogs, soda & cotton candy(!) and it was a fun time.

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Last night we went to a birthday party for a friend of Alex's, Dave. He said it was a "I'm friggin' old" party but he's only 38. So, no, he's not old yet. It was fun to see him, his wife & their house. We comiserated about wanting to do our own thing in "Hollywood". Happy b-day Dave!!!


moon traffic

You can't really see it with this phone camera, but the moon was so amazing on my way home the other night. I was stuck in traffic but it didn't really matter cause I could just look at the moon. :)


I went to the "LA FinalCut Pro Users Group" meeting last week. It's kind of geeky I know but it was sooooooo cool!! They had a demonstration of Motion, which is a mac application that, well, I don't even know how to describe it. Basically you can move thing around, make things move in a 3D world, just so much. If you know anything about aftereffects, it's kinad like that but cooler. It's totally interactive with FinalCut wich is AWESOME! They have these every month, so I might have to come more often.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

into the wild

We saw "Into the Wild" this past weekend and it totally deserves a
thoughtful review on my part. So... maybe this week I'll find the
time. Alex has wanted to see this since he knew it existed. he read
the book, which he loved, so he had high hopes. It is definitely a
solid, good film and worth checking out. Put it high on your list.
Very emotional and a fascinating journey.



I have to say, that it is very wearing to be with insecure people for
long periods of time. I know that I am not always the most confident
person at all times but I'm not insecure. Insecure people are always
compensating and, worse, over-compensating for the fact that they are
insecure and they need to show everyone how "strong" and "right" they
are. Very frustrating. I don't know how they keep it up. It must be


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The speed of...

Man, time is weird. Yesterday I was bewildered at the thought that it had already been a week since we were camping with Ty, Mel & the boys. Where did the time go! How did it dissappear so fast?! Yikes! And, what am I doing whilst the tiime is flying, to make my life, & my soul happier? (not enough, in case you wanted an answer) But then this week comes. The weekend wasn't long enough, we didn't get done what we thoought we would, as usual, and Monday morning came crashing in at warp speed, as usual. Today though, time has made a 180 turn. After lunch I was trying to remember what day it was today. Thursday, I thought. But then, this or that happened so it couldn't be. Must be wednesday. Then, just now, it hit me. It's only Tuesday! And only 3:30 on tuesday at that. Oh my gods I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'm so tired and ready for the week to be over. It feels like I've been here forever this week.

How does tome do that? How do our brains do that?


Saturday, September 22, 2007

playing on the web

I thought this was cool

A L is for trains to Leeds E X

or this


T i F f_McElman_070716_2372

Try it HERE.

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Last night I came out of the office and the ground was all wet! It had been raining. I love the rain (even if people can't drive in it). Today it was pouring down, yet sunny at the same time. It smells amazing outside. I'm so excited for the fall.

Monday, September 17, 2007

sea chest

Since we left Big Sur area so late, we came through, a favorite place, Cambria at around dinner time. So we stopped at our favorite, romantic place there The Sea Chest. Yum! We took a few minutes after to walk accross the street & look at the beautiful stars! And the Milky Way falling into the ocean.

Then I promptly fell asleep for most of the rest of the ride home. You're a trooper sweets!

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brunch views

After the rest of the gang headed back north we went back to the Nepenthe cafe downstairs from where we'd had lunch on saturday. They served an amazing menu for brunch. We split french toast w/blueberry cream cheese & eggs, roasted potatoes & bacon. YUM! So great! Alex even got another side serving of potatoes. We hung out for a long time reading the LA times & our books. They closed up all around us but we still stayed for a while. Then to the great shop downstairs. And finally headed south.

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car advert

Doesn't this look like an advert for the fabulous Insight? It totally worked & all our stuff fit. Great gas miliage too. I don't know if we can take it to thabksgiving, with all the winter stuff & wood, but we'll see.


morning at camp

I was having so much fun from when we met the troops (Mel, Ty & his 3 sons) to having dinner to the campfire & roasting marshmallows & weiners and talking late into the night I didn't take any phone pictures! What a great night we had. The boys are so sweet.

We didn't get phone service so we missed them going down the road for breakfast, boo, but I guess it was ok. We got up & started packing up & such. Then we lit another firee when the boys got back. No one wanted to leave.


on the road

We have seen the ocean! Man, the further north you get, the prettier it is!


hybrid camping

Going up to Big Sur to go camping! We were going to take my car, the usual campping car, but it's still in the shop(!) so we pared our stuff WAY down to fit in the cute little Insight. It all fit! Including 2 boxes of firewood. Yea!


Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm just not sure how far I'll ever get in "Hollywood" as I don't know if I can play all the political game the "right" way. Just figuring out who to align yourself with, who you think will "win" and then changing your thoughts 180° the next week to kiss everyone's ass. Saying one thing to one person & then something else altogether to someone else. I can't do that.

As anyone who knows me knows I have an opinion. A strong one (except when it comes to deciding where to eat). So, I can't just go having different opinions in different meetings cause it's what I "should" say. Whatever. I just miss real film makers. Sorry. Maybe someday.

If I play the right games...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I feel slightly aimless this week. I like what I do, and I'm darned good at it, but I feel as if I'm just going through the motions every day. I'm waiting. For what? For something to happen. To work with real film makers. To buy a housse. To havechildren. To make a film of our own. To find "my people". I don't know... Something. Everything. The hard thing to learn is that it isn't coming. None of it. I have to go and get it. I have to make the effort. That's so tiring, which is depressing. At the writers conference this weekend all the talk was about the "passion". You've gotta have it to get anything done. Where's my passion? I used to have it in spades. I feel like my life should be fuller by now. This is not where I thought I'd be. How do I find the passion to go get the things I'm "waiting" for so my life can "begin"?


Monday, September 10, 2007


This is what I feel like today! I'm so ready to go home today. Can I have a do over please!?



Last night I went to a mixer for people in the (mostly) animation business. Turns out Melis wa there! my frien Venecia was there so that was way fun. I didn't really meet new people because I wasn't in the mood but also it was at a bar place & so loud! Between the people talking & the music, there was no way to hear people. Oh well. Afterwards M, V & a couple of her friends went to dinner just down the street at a place called Velvet Margarita ???. It was so cool! Very Hollywood. velvet walls. Lots of black, chrome & mirroes. A huge chandelear. And, turns out, great food. I miss hanging out with V.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

speaking greek

I go to Starbucks. A lot. Especially now that it's literally next door to my office. I don't drink coffee, however. What do you drink? you might ask. Well, mostly hot chocolate (sadly it is the best around, in most countries) but in extremely hot summers like this one I like blended chocolate drinks. They first sold these when I lived in London. You could get them to make it before but it wasn't on the menu. In London it was simple: chocolate frappucino. No coffee, no big name, just that. So we move back to LA & they didn't have it on their menu! Horrors! Again, they could make it but off the menu. Then they did finally figure it out. It's called a "double chocolate chip" under the "créme" part of the "frappucino" section of the menu. I was so excited I merrily ordered a medium of this. A medium because I refuse to use the lame names they have for sizes. Until it dawned on me, this is a stupid name! So I went in and ordered a "chocolate chip frappucino". I got a very confused look. With coffee? NO. The coffee one is called "java chip". That doesn't sound much like chocolate to me. Anyhoo, next time I thought I'd try something else. "chocolate chip créme, please". Blank stare. They look back at the menu, trying to figure out what I could possibly be talking about. They finally do. Next time I ask for the first version again. "You mean java chip," they say politely. "No," I say, "if I wanted java I would have asked for it. Chocolate please." Blank. "Oh! You mean double chocolate chip!" I get my drink & leave in disgust. Most of the people at the place next door now know me so they know this strange language I'm speaking but there is still one guy who is clueless. Today I enter a branch I've never been to before. I risk it & ask for a "medium chocolate chip frappucino, please." The girl behind the counter looks at me as if I've just said "jfyegajkoirubfb, please" to her. I repeat, "chocolate chip". After a pause, "java chip?" No, if I wanted java I would have asked for it. Chocolate please." Looooong pause. "double chocolate chip?!" "Yes" I sigh. "What size?"


not a compact

I went to the grocery store tonight. One that has a VERY small parking lot where you have to wait over 5 minutes regularly for a spot. So, I wait, and I park. I happily go and do my shopping, bringing my own canvas bags. La-di-da. I gat back to my car and there is a hand written note on the windshield saying "an suv is not cinsidered a COMPACT". I guess I'd parked in a compact spot. I was so happy to get a space I hadn't noticed. What I had noticed is that I wasn't over the line on EITHER side, and I wasn't sticking out in back any further than the VW Beatle next to me. Seriously people. WTF? What an a-hole to just leave a not on my car like that. I dint know who put it there so I can defend myself, and what's more- I shouldn't have to defend myself. I know I drive an suv and the granola eating tree huggers that go to this store probably don't like it, but I acually use mu suv for suv things! And, i'm getting a small car in a few months. But my "suv" is waaaaayyyy smaller than most out there & if parked next to others looks remarkably small. I didn't see a note on the Chevy Suburban on the other side of the parking lot that was taking up TWO spaces & sticking out so cars had to wait to pass behind it! Oh, right, they weren't parked in a "compact" spot, so it's ok.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

fcp bashing

If I hear one more person trying to sound "profesional" & like they know what they're talking about bashing FinalCut Pro I'm gonna scream. "Avid is the industry standard" "all the studios use it" "when it comes to outputting FCP breaks down" "Avid is much more efficent"... And the like. I mostly hate it because they are blaming software for their lack of knowledge. Films, sucessful films, are released all the time that were edited, and output(!) on FCP. It's not FCP's fault if you are too stupid to know how to use it. Aaahhhhhhhhh.


deep water couches

We went to see a documentary "Deep Water" at the Landmark theatres. The movie was great & very compelling. It certainly points out some of the admirable things about the "english personality" and some of the frustratin parts. It's about 9 men who tried to sail around the world solo without stopping in the late '60s. (more later)

but the theatre was amazing! On their sign it had a little symbol we didn't understand, & it had said "living room" on the website. Well, it turns out the cinema is full of couches. 1 person, 2 person & 3 person couches. It's great. We were a hair off to the side but it was so cozy & fun! We have to go back. You can't really see it in this photo so I'll see if Mel got better ones on her "real" camera.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Home Again...

...and back to earth with a bump! Well, I'm going back to school in a few minutes for the start of my last year! I really don't want to be there though! I miss the heat and the people and the customer service in America. Well, before I start moaning about what is better there and worse here, I want to say thank you so much to Alex and Tiff for showing me a whole other side of life. This summer has been the most incredible experience of my life and I will never forget it. Thank you so much, you'll be seeing me there again soon...



I so hate it when people walk up to you when you are OBVIOUSLY on the phone and they just start talking to you. When you try & talk to the person on the phone to say hang on, they STILL talk to you, while you're talking to the person on the phone. So f-ing frustrating.

Next time one the "I'm so anoyed" channel:
Name dropping & talking "big" when you could use simple language. Aaahhhhh.


Monday, September 03, 2007


To dampen our sadness of Zoe leaving we came to the Landmark cinemas at the Westside Pavilion to see King of Kong. What a totally fun movie (documentary). I highly recomend it to everyone.


bon voyage

At the airport for Zoe's plane. Boooo :( We checked her in & got her bags off, walked to the intl terminal to eat (see other post), then walked back. Nothing left to say but bye. Sigh. Such a complete bummer. But what a fantastic time. I am soooooo glad she came. :) Safe flight & journey home.


international lunch

We came to the international terminal to eat after we got Zoe all checked in. To send her off in style (?!) we came ti McDonalds. sad but true. But we haven't been here the whole time Zoe's been in town. :)

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For our farwell breakfast with Zoe we went to Le Pain Quotidian in Studio City. It's one of our favorite places for sunday (holiday) breakfasts. Pain au chocolate, croissants, brioche, brownies, lemonade, espresso, hot chocolate. Yummmm.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Freaks and wierdo's

Today was my last day here! :-( Or at least for now! We spent the day amongst the fraks and wierdo's at venice beach which was so fun. We bought many hats and very cool motorcycle boots! It was such a cool last day. We had dinner at this cool little resturant by the beach with hot chocolate for desert. Then we went and walked down on the sand by the sea, looking at the stars and the pretty big waves. Then we took the most fun photos using the lights on cameras and phones which i'm sure Tiff will post. It was really sad to think that this is my last night but it was hilarious! I have had the most amazing time here the things that we have done and seen. I never thought if possible to squish this much into this amount of time. You will begin to get a taste of how much when I post my list of firsts which is already huge and not even nearly completed! This summer has been incredible!! Thank you so much, i'm gonna miss it really bad!


beach fun

This is Alex & Zoe walking down the beach, towards Santa Monica pier, on our way back to the car. What an amazing fandabbydozy day! After all our hat, boot, clothes & jewlery shopping (& melis had to go meet her friend) we ate dinner at the best place on the boardwalk. We lingered as it got darker. The bar next door played the Doors. It was great.

Then we walked down the beach & dipped our toes in the ocean. We wrote in the sand but we couldn't really take a photo of it because of the darkness so we started taking pictures of us writing in the air with our cameras/phones. that was amazing! I'll post some of those. They even put on a huge fireworks show in Santa Monica. We figured it was just for Zoe's last night. :) Then... Off to the car & back to the homestead.

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i've got...

...the sexiest husband ever!!!


marked up

Zoe getting a tattoo on the beach :)


venice beach

For Zoe's last full day - :( - we've come to Venich beach. What fun! We've all bought new hats (some more than others) and they all look so fun! Wooohooo!


french toast

I made french toast for breakfast this morning. Real french toast, not "eggy bread" (which I just don't see the point of). lots of maple syrup & everything. Yummmm.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

full house

We went to the Hollywood Bowl again (!) tonight to see the Tchaikovsky Spectacular with fireworks & the USC marching band. So fun! It was an absolutely packed full house. It was sooooo hot today/tonight and all those people sitting together just made it worse (not to mention the long walk up the hill to the place). But it was great fun & Alex got some amazing photos (as usual) so we will post those soon.

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Dinner. Mmmmmm.



Zoe got a new watch today & the guy sized it for her, but it was a bit funny looking with all the tools out. It looked like he was gonna hurt it.

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hollywood & highland

We're spending the day at the H&H "complex". Shopping, window shopping. Eating & sightseeing. Yea!



Hollywood today. At Graumans Chinese theater where all the foot & hand prints are is a block with Dad's writing in it. He wrote R2D2 & the date and helped C3P0 write his name. Cool, eh?


la ink

We've been watching the show LA Ink (spin off of Miami Ink) since Zoe's been here so last night we thought we'd try & find the building. We didn't see it though :( We watched another episode last night and looked for all the clues. It was right where we thought it was, but down a couple doors. So we went backtoday! there was a sign saying they were shooting so we didn't go in (but they are open later if we want to go back). That's fun though to see it.