Monday, July 30, 2007


This is definately going to bea long "tour of duty" on this show. Sigh.

New york. New york. New york... I just need to keep reminding myself that this job is paying for our trip to NY last month. Not to mention a little thing called the rent. Oh, and food. I just wish my heart was in it. Or that it wasn't so frustrating.

Friday, July 27, 2007


We found a fun Thai place for diner tonight. There were no tables so we're sitting at the bar and the bartender is working hard. It's got great art on the walls and pretty fabric hanging down between tables. And the food was first rate. If I lived in SD I would come here often. The manager even carded me for my drink & didn't really believe that my ID was me. "You don't look a day over 23" he said and he really meant it. :)

blade runner 25

At a panel discusion on Blade Runner & it's 25 year aniv. So cool. Ridley Scott & all.

hugs go out... Dad today on his Birthday!! Loads of love Dad. Hope your day/month/year are spectacular. xoxoxo

lines, lines, lines

Today we came down to the Comic-Con in San Diego. It's crazy busy! I'm in line to see a show on the 25th aniv version of Blade Runner, but the line is HUGE! I don't know if I'll get in. I haven't even been to the main hall yet (where Mel & Dylan are now). Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

new do

Alex is getting his hair cut today. It's been growing out so it's a bit shaggy. I'm getting mine cut next month. I can't wait.

you know...2

you're in Beverly Hills when the parking meeters only take quarters or CREDIT CARDS! So funny. I'm telling you, there's nothing like coming to BH to make you feel crappy about your looks. Man! :/

Friday, July 20, 2007

potter mania

Since we ate dinner near by, we decided to go by the bookstore to see who had turned up for the release of Harry Potter. There were all sorts... Kids as Harry, Hermione, adults as wizards and just weirdos. All sorts of t-shirts, lots of round glasses and mostly huge amounts of scarves. Lots of funn indeed.

I've already ordered my copy from england (I refuse to read the "american" version-it's translated for all the stupid people who can't figure out that a jumper is a sweater), so that will come in the mail in a couple days. I don't have time to read it anyway right now. We left when the book store closed & it was still an hour away from selling time. Mel's friends are in line there, so that's fun. I hope everyone enjoys.

(updatred: It reminds me of two years ago when we stood in line in London for the last HP book. Much smaller crowd & less chaotic. I wrote THIS blog & had THESE photos from that day)

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38 years

Today is the 38th anniversary of man's 1st walk on the moon. Tonight, amongst the Potter mania in Burbank, there are a bunch of people with telescopes to look at the moon & Jupiter & it's moons. So very fun!!!

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fun tee

I wore a "Star Wars" t-shirt to work today. People "in the know" thought it was very funny. I'm just a regular fan, right? :) And it's definitely not out of place in an animation studio.


fall has sprung

When we went to Michael's last weekend, they had a HUGE section of fall decoration! Not only that, but they had a Halloween section! Jeez louise! It's crazy.

I guess when we got married, this is the time of year when we would have been looking for stuff, but it just seems a bit overboard.

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nic party

On Saturday we joined Mel for the anual Nickelodeon summer party. What a hoot. The theme was "retro beach party" and they gave you a beach ball & squirt guns when you arrived.

We ate, we squirted, we got spray-on tattoos, and we rode a surf board. Yes, a board. Sooooo much fun. It's like a bull ride machine but with a surf board. I think much harder though. AJH was really good at it. Me & Mel, not so much. :)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Another day at work. More time filled with meetings. More time completely frustrated how much work using Avids is. Unbelievable how much there is to set up. So many steps! So much equipment. SOOOO many limitations. It just goes on. Mostly it's the limitations. You can only put so many items on one drive, no matter how big the drive is. You need break-out boxes. You can't use the fire wire cause the huge machene needed is takingit all up... and so on. (All of this easily done on FCP I might add.)

Having said that, I don't want to sound ungrateful for the job. I so am. Working is a great thing. And the fact that someone wants to pay me to play on the computer all day with pictures is totally fab. But, I really like things done a particular way. I'm kinda OCD like that. But on this show I really have no say. Not only no say I'm not alowd to tell anyone how I would do it. And I'm a very opinionated person (ask anyone) so that is really hard for me. So I guess I'm using the blog as a venting place. There's only so much "complaning" Alex can (or shoulld have to) take. So, bear with me readers. I will probably get more into the show as it progresses and I get more invested. Although, this is the most my work has felt like "a job". But, who knows what will happen?


Monday, July 16, 2007


I have weekends again! Now that I'm working, I have weekends to look forward to & have fun with. Not that I don't when I'm not working, but it's different. Anyhoo, we had a fun one.
Saturday I totally slept in (needed that). We went to meet Melis @ Nickelodeon where they were having their anual summer party. We got there in time for food & water gun fights. Spray on tattoos and a surfboard ride (like a bull ride but on a surf board). Very fun. Thanks Mel! We chatted for a long while in her office after the party had finished. Then we all went to Burbank & met Doug for dinner & heard about his exploits being a producer inthe AFI program. (Wow! What a crazy thing). Then we were off to see Harry Potter 5 (see below).
Sunday we piddled about. Did some tidying up. Had our Sunday Porto's breakfast and finally got out of the house late afternoon. We went to Michael's to drop off some things to get framed (they're having a 50% off sale!). What fun that was. We were there for a while. We framed a painting of a beautiful tree that we bought in Maine on our road trip in 2003. We also did a print we got 4.5 years ago in West Quaddy Head, where Alex proposed =) We framed an etching print that we got at Rembrandt's house in Amsterdam. They demonstrated how he would have made prints from his etchings in the 1600s (with one of his actual plates) and we got the one off the machine they made IN the demonstration. We did a lithograph we bought in northern england on one of our road trips. And finally, we had my poster for Children Of Men from the UK done. I'm so excited abou them all. I can't wait to pick them up & hang them. Yea! We had some dinner & then went to a coffee shop to work on our projects for a few hours. Came home, settled in & now... off to bed.

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movies seen in the last month

HP5Harry Potter 5: This was a "fine" movie. It wasn't really engaging and too piecy but there were some really great effects. As the HP books progressed they all go longer & longer, so I"m sure making films out of them has gotten harder & harder. I'm a really big fan of the books, but this was my least favorite of them, so it's no surprise that it's my least favorite film. I just don't think there's any good way to make a 2 hour film from a 700 page book. THis one feels very piecy. Like they went throught the book, figured out which plot points needed ot be there & just shot those. THatt's probobly what happened, but with that you don't get any of the lovely breathing room, the "magic" in the writing or the relationships with the characters. Or their relationships with each other. I saw it with Alex, Mel & DOug & they all didn't like it much. As much as I didn't like it I found myself defending it, but not the film, the story. "In the book..." I said over and over. Not a good sign for the film. It should stand alone, but it doesn't. I can't imagine you would understand what was going on or who people were unless you'd seen all the other films, let alone read the books. So, not a must see. Bummer.

rwavROOM WITH A VIEW: We saw this at the Academy series screening. Such a great film. SO well written & acted & shot & everything. Completely well rounded characters in such a real world. Go out & rent this right away (in letterbox) if you havent' seen it.

ratatouilleRATATOUILLE: What a really, really great film. Not just an animated film, but a film. So smart. So beautiful. Great characters. So fun! You have to go see this film. Really. I love that Brad Bird (director) cast's voices that are right for the part. No stupid stunt casting of "popular" actors here. It makes the characters come alive. As does the fabulous animation. So sweet. I used to have a pet rat so I've even a bit more biased towards the cute guys. A fun thrill ride.

mighty heartA MIGHTY HEART: Wow. What a gut wrenching story this is. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be either. It isn't even about the journalist that was kidknapped & brutally killed. It is about his wife and friends and their journey after he is taken. There are a few things I would have done differently, but when arent' there. I think Angelina Jolie absolutely deserves an award for this perfomance. Everyone was great. One of the leads from The Namesake was in this and he is so great. So worth your time and effort to see this film.

day watchDAY WATCH: I hate not getting around to writing about things until so much later cause I forget all my initial respones. I liked this film. A lot. It is no where near as good as the fil it is a sequal to (Night Watch) but that was really faboulous. Everyone this time around has grown up a bit. Is a little more stoic. It's a bit more confusing and you don't get the same discovery of the world. But the world is a great one. I can't wait to go back the next time. Some of the greatest effects I've ever seen. And so imagineative. What a fabulous director. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does after these 3 films.

oceans 13OCEANS 13: Well... I hated Oceans 12, so this was better, but in no way lives up to Oceans 11. That was such a fun film. And you could tell they all were having such fun making it. This one, a bit of the fun was back (completely lacking in 12) but not up to snuff. Ellen Barkin was so under used. She was supposed to be this strong woman but they played her as a lap dog to Pacino. And she was really unapealing. Pacino was fine but just kinda blah. The story had some holes, there are just too many of the guys to follow. I was glad it was back in Vegas. But, if they do abother one I want the fun to be back. MAybe now that all the stars (except Clooney) have settled down & have families now makes a difference. THey aren't the happy-go-lucky men they used to be. And it shows.


Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm feeling a bit stifled at work. I am forbidden to talk about how much better FinalCut Pro is than Avid. There's been some politics going on about the platforms so I guess it's a raw subject but seriously, like they care what I think. They've decided on Avids and they are not going to change. We all know that. It's fine. Let's move on. But for the love of pete, let me complain! It's the only way I can get through using such crappy software.

Also, I don't feel free to speak in any meeting that isn't just our dept. I work with people that sorta... well.. change their mind and opinion all the time. You never know what they are thinking. So, if I say something referring to what we were just talking about earlier, it might have changed by the time the meeting rolls around. I don't like being in this position. I feel very un-respected. I think everyone wants to be liked, admired, feel good about themselves, but more than anything else I think humans want to be respected and heard. I'm neither at this place. I don't quite know how to get through it. It's hard.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

down with pcs

I can't even begin to explain how much I loathe PCs. All of them. At least it's not windows but it's Linux(sp?) which is almost as bad. Aaaaaaaarggggggghhhhhh!

Monday, July 09, 2007

day 1

Today was my first day on my new show. Anyone who knows me knows change is hard for me, so "new" is pretty much the same. I'm just not comfortable with it. I'm sure I'l get used to it and it will be fun(ish) but this week will be hard. I feel as if I've taken a step back in my editing career. I'm truly second fiddle here as opposed to almost equal or a part of the big editorial family. On the production side, most people here come from dreamworks so they are going by the DW model, which is exactly the opposite of how I would do things. and, we don't have a space yet. Just a temp space for a week then another temp space for another month. Ugh. It's all just really exhausting right now. I hope it gets better soon.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

soho grand

Our fabulous hotel we are very sad to leave.


I'm in a wicked bad mood right now. This was an awesome weekend until we got to this f-ing airport. Anyway, what's with people lining up to get on the plane like 20 min before boarding? And even then it doesn't help cause if you're in row 14 and at the front you'll be passes by all those people who are boarded fist at the rear of the plane! So I guess you're just retarded.

I'm also anoyed by Brooklyn & Queens accents. Between the people on the train and the people working at the airport it's crazy. They just sound so stupid. Really. I kknow it's all dependent on where you're born & grow up but I'd seriously take diction lessons if I spoke like that if I wanted to get anywhere in life. Maybe they don't want to.

We're now on the plane. We aren't sitting together, which I'm pissed about. Whatever. I knew we shouldn't fly today. never again on a holiday weekend. We should have left in the morning. We are in the last row, on either side of the aisle in the middle seats. I'm exhausted already & we haven't even taxied out yet. Again, whatever. I'm gonna eat my comfort food and read & sleep and pretend that I'm still in Soho & that I don't have to go to work tomorrow.


We had to come to one of our fave places for brunch, Le Pain Quotidian. They have some in LA but they don't have the New Yorkers in LA. We hadn't been to this particual one but we weren't dissapointed. The people are facinating and we got to sit at the communal table with a man who was explaining the proof for the big bang to his son, who asked amazing questions back. We're reading the sunday Times, watching the locals, munching on pain au chocolates. Pretty perfect.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

giants stadium

The end of a VERY long day. Well, close to the end.

the line

This is the HUGE line to get on the bus to go back to NYC. 1.5? 2 hours? Ugh.

the police

Oh my gods!! They rock! They were sooooo good and Stewart Copeland kicks ass. Sometimes I forgot Sting was singing because SC was playing so amazingly. The best part of the show!!!

roger waters

He looked at Alex at the start of "another brick in the wall". :)

bon jovi

In new jersey! Hello.

melissa etheridge


Lunch in the VIP area, thanks to Florrie & Dave. :)

dave matthews band

Woooooo Hoooooo!

KT Tunstall

our view

Here's our view of the stage. WooHoo!!!


After a very late start, we are finally on our way to Giant's Stadium. Hope we get there in time for the start!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

whata view

AH taking a photo of the gorgeous moon over the city skyline from our super Grand hotel in Soho. You can see the twinkling of the Brooklyn bridge and a ton of water towers. Wow. I wish this camera phone could even get an iota of how pretty it is.


dinner tonight was at one of our NY faves, John's Pizza. we didn't make it here last time so this was the perfect opportunity to have some perfect NY pie. After we checked in we went to the hotel lounge & had some coctails, then headed out into the world. Weird being back here so quickly, but we fit right in. After dinner we had some gellatos and walked "home". We've never stayed in this part of town before so it's fun.

we're crazy

Well, we're off again on a mini-break (as they say in the UK). More pix to come!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

sold out

So, on this holiday day we did what all good americans do and went to the movies to see the latest summer blockbuster- Transformers. I'll write more about it later but it was fun to be with a bunch of people who were so excited to see a movie. This picture is the line of people lined up to see a late screening. I think all shows at all 3 cinemas in burbank were sold out. Good for them, but I'm not sure it's deserving of it.


When we headed out of the house late this afternoon it was slightly eerie. There was almost no one on the roads. The main street up from our place is usually so busy it takes forever to turn on to it. Today... nothing. Weird. I know it's a holiday, but this is rediculous.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

we touched it!

We were at the Grove today so we HAD to go to the Aple store and look at the iPhones. And.... It sooooo kicks ass!!! Omg! I so want one for Alex. I totally love my Palm treo & don't think I'd want to switch right now, but I hate A's phone and would LOVE to be able to play with the iPhone all the time, so I think that's the best option (for me- and we know it's all about me). Of course, one of the flaws about the phone (there are a couple) is that you can't do what I'm doin right now- msm a picture to a blog. Hm. I could find away around it bu I don't want to have to. But it's all so cool, the phone, notes, safari, maps, photos, movies... I can't wait.