Friday, June 29, 2007

bilboard first

You can't really see it from this photo but I just saw a bilboard I'd never seen before. It seems logical seeing the proliferation of tv screen/digital adds. This bilboard was all digital. It was for the new "Die Hard" movie and had 3 different screens/pictures. Very cool. I guess it's the modern version of the 3 panel-rotating slat bilboard.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


People are already lining up to buy an iPhone that goes on sale Friday night!!! That's 4.5 days away! Wow. People are crazy. I wouldn't want to line up anywhere for it but I'm sure New York is an exceptionally crappy place for it. It's soooooo hot & muggy there it's almost unbearable. And then... you get huge downpurs at random times. So uncomfortable. But you do have the hot dog guy there all the time. And the ice cream guy. ANd the bathroom in the Apple store. And theire free wi-fi. Well, to each their own. I'm sure there's something I'd wait in line for 4 days for. I just have no idea what it'd be.

You can read about it HERE.

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Monday, June 25, 2007


Today friends Russ, Sandra & 1yr old son Toby, who live in Redlands, came to visit. It was fun to see them. They hadn't seen our place yet & I hadn't seen them in a while. We hung out at home (which, by the way, is really not baby friendly) and eventually went to dinner at Zach's Italian. we wish they ccould have stayed longer but it was great that they could come out to see us. Thanks guys!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Today I had an international birthday. AJH got me breakfast from our fave sunday place, Portos, which is Cuban, and he gave me a beautiful b-day present of a necklace that is kind of Tibetan-ish (so pretty-Thank you!!). After an afternoon of fun home projects Mel & Mom came over & we went to Pasadena for dinner/movie. We ate at a great Indian place we like, All India Cafe. Mom hadn't really had Indian food before so that was fun to introduce her to. Then we went to see "Paris, Je t'aime" which is a bunch of 3 minute (or so) shorts that take place in Paris (more later). It was much fun and felt like we were in Paris. All in all a fun day. Not a big deal, but really very lovely.

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Is my birthday. Today I am officially in my "late" 30s. It's a weird year for me. I usually love birthdays & like to get together with friends 7 have some laughs. This year a quiet time seems in order.

Our 2 week trip to the east coast was a sort of birthday present for me and we did so much and had such adventures that it seems as if the "big day" has already passed. It will be nice to have a quiet SUnday routene & spend the day with my husband. That's my idea of a good time. This evening with him, my mother & sister.

Here's to another year on the planet. I hope I can do as much for it as it's done for me.


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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today we've made an excursion to Little India in Artesia. There was a fair amount of traffic on the way here but it wasn't too bad. Wow! This is so my kind of place. I so love Indian, Thai & Morroccan stuff. I could have spent a fortune, but that might have to wait till we're working again. We got some really fun fabrics & a pillow & stuff. We had a delish lunch. It was a buffet so we didn't know what everything was, but that was ok. All in all, a good day :) We will be back... Soon.

Friday, June 22, 2007

car land

We are certainly back in the land of the car. Today we slept in really late. Piddled about. Played on the computer. Downloaded our camera chips. Took naps. Stuff like that. Now, when we want to go somewhere, anywhere, we have to get in the car. Sigh. What if I just want to walk down the street?


After 3 hours (!!!!) sitting on the runway in new york we are finally in California again. Mel picked us up at Ontario and we are pooped and ready for bed (on a soft bed for the first time in 2 weeks).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

in line

There's a lot of traffic here at JFK. We're on the runway waiting. There are 25 planes in front of us!!! The captain thinks 45 min more till we take off.
I don't know if it has anything to do with the storms that were coming as we headed to the airport. Of course the day we leave there are storms. That's the best part of NYC summers. It's raining out our window now.
(my TV at my seat just went out. They use Directv on JetBlue. Is this just getting me ready for being home with my DTivo)

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we're off

Well, we're at the airport awaiting takeoff. Two of our three suitcases are overweight. Seeing as we came with two underweight bags, with the third in one of them, you might get some idea of how much stuff we've acquired on our trip :) But we figure the $40 we paid for the extra weight is about the same we would have paid for a fourth bag. And the last thing we need is MORE suitcases in our life.

I'm so conflicted about so missing NYC and wanting to stay and being so ready to be home. But since I don't have a choice I'll be happy to be home and lounge in the air-conditioning on my birthday.

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On our way out from the city. Bye bye...

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#3 on a roll

One of my favorite lunches in NY. We got some to take to the airport with us.

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hunan park

AJH used to get food from this place all the time. He really wanted to go here last night but they were already closed & we were too tired anyway. So, we went for lunch today. The lemon chicken tasted just like it used to. The waiters are so fun here.

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old times

We went past our old home today. I can't believe it's been 4 1/2 years. We really loved it here in NYC. I hope to someday live here again.


Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!!!

last day

I'm so sad :(

2am dinner

We could have gone to French Roast (open 24hrs) but the thought of sitting down, ordering, eating a lot, paying, walking home... was just too much for our weary souls. So we went to the (24hr) grocery & got meatballs & penne for "dinner". We were so hungry but didn't eat that much of it. Too... sleepy... to... think...

late night subway

Taking the subway late at night is always an adventure in Manhattan. We started on the lower east side, had to take 3 different trains but because of construction didn't get all the way home. It only took about an hour. We could have just taken a cab but then would have missed the adventure, the construction, the characters, the walk.


Something A has wanted to do since before we lived here was go to a place in the East Villiage called the Newyorkian. On wednesday nights they have slam poetry competitions. Since this is our last night here we went. It was great! Some really great poets here. We came so close to not going as we were both wiped after yesterday, but we did & once we were there knew it was absolutely the right decision. I hope A writes a blog about it cause he can put things like that into such great words.

It went on a long time but most of the poets were worth it. The two that we were sharing a tiny table with were the best. Deffinately something to come back to in the future.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Last week I bought a pair of shoes here. Yes, another pair of shoes! But in all the shoes I brought with me (I won't say how many that is) or even at home I don't really have a pair that's good for walking all day. Maybe one pair of running shoes but they're white & I feel like a tourist in them. These are Merrells and they are so comfy & cool (they're mesh) and green (which is fun). I've litterally worn them every day sine buying them. Yea!

Now, they do come in black as well... :)


I say I'm ready to leave and then we head into Central Park and my heart sins. I could stay forever and now I don't want to leave at all. It's a wonderful 76° and the park is full of people heading to their softball games (we saw the Comedy Central team), people with strollers, joggers, bicyclists, frizzbe playing, strolling, musicians playing, birds chirping. Yep. This is the place I feel best on earth.



The Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle is new since we lived here. With a Whole Foods & Jamba Juice!


I think I'm ready to go home. I absolutely LOVE New York City & would live here in a heartbeat if work and finances allowd but it's different when you are visiting. Things aren't exactly like you would have them at home, and you feel like you have to be "doing" something all the time. I think I could deal with the heat & humidity better if we liver here, because we'd have AC at home, and my feet wouldn't be sore &swollen all the time. You just settle different when you live somewhere & I'm ready to be where I'm settled. I do hope we come back before 4 years. That is absolutely too long. I think weekend jaunts would be good. Someday we can be bi-costal. Someday.

you know...'re in New York when the tip buckets at Starbucks are locked with a slot in the top to put the money in.


We saw my friend Dave today for lunch. I think sadly we haven't seen him since our wedding! Sincce then he's gotten married & had a son. Moved a couple times. It was really great to see him. It was like no time had passed. Yea! I hope we see each other before 4 years from now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


After over an hour, we are finally headed home. We are so tired & have heavy bags from Kate's & Strand. I don't know how we'll get everything home to LA. The rain seems to have stopped for the most part but it is still very warm. A taxi might be in order tonight.


internet access

T in her natural habitat. :)

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We've finally made it to the Apple store. Where else would yoy go at midnight on a tuesday night? There are really quite a few people here and the rain looks amazing on the glass entry box.

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Just as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant we heard loud rumblings. Then, sure enough, it started pouring down with rain! It let up some so we headed back into the world but, as it was so dang hot this morning, we didn't bring umbrellas, again. how quickly we forget the fickleness of NYC weather.


only in NYC

with the "go-card" display by the bathrooms (you know, where they have post cards of advertisements) they had a section for NYC Condoms. Free condoms. They come in a two pack. You can't really see them in this phone camera shot, but I didn't bring my real camera with me to the bathroom.



We found a fun place to eat called Piola. With yummy pizzas & profita rolls. Funky sinage & bathrooms. It's so good to just sit down & drink some water!

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we're FINALLY out of the Strand, tired & starving. Off to find some sustenance.



We finally made it to Strand bookstore: 18 miles of books. It's the largest used bookstore in the US. When we lived here it was 8 miles of books, so they've expanded over the years (I think there was more then, but that was the line forever).

It used to be great but tiring to come here. They have everything but the cement floors, lack of air conditioning & mustiness just got to you. Well... They've spruced up the joint. They have AC and higher ceilings and an elevator and a wholy redone 2nd floor for art & children's books. So great!!! I think we're in for the long haul. It's a good thing they close. :)

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we're at Kate's Paperie on 57th & 7th. It is the most amazing paper store ever. We love coming here! We're looking for a scrapbook for the mementos & photos from this trip, and of course there are many choices. A has found some pretty fun fountain pens to draw with & I want one (at least) of every piece of their wrapping paper.

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late night

After the ballet we headed towards home but stopped at French Roast as we hadn't eaten since lunch. I love that this place is so cool & open 24 hours and great food. Again, where is this kind of place in LA? I love new york.

Monday, June 18, 2007


We've seen Romeo & Juliet again, but this time at the American Ballet Theatre at the Met Opera House. Uh... WOW! This was sooooo much better than last week's ballet. These people are good. Really good. I do wish that sometimes they looked a little more "ballerina-ish" though. The costumes were very theatrical, and lavish, and beautiful, but they seem like they're from a play, not a ballet (except the men). This whole production seemed a bit like a play where people didn't talk & occasionally would dance. I think I wanted more dancing. Don't get me wrong, I really loved it and it was so good. I wish we could go see it again.

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A trip to the museum of modern art is always interesting. They have art by people like Van Gogh, Monet, Rodin, etc, who I don't really think of as "modern" artists. And there's the kind of odd but interesting artists like Kandinsky. But then, and here's where I get mad, there are the "artists" who paint a canvas all blue & it's supposed to mean something. Or all red with one black dot. Or a piece of pink wood leaning against the wall. A rope hanging from the ceiling... I could go on. But seriously people. Who calls this stuff art? Whatever.

Another thing that is annoying about them is that, unlike the Met & the MNH which are "suggested donation entry's", the moma charges $20! Yikes! And you can't bring in your own food so you have to eat there. But the cafeteria isn't hot dogs & chips, it's very snooty & pasta & paninis so lunch ends up costing $50. They do something great though... The museum store stays open an hour after the museum closes. I love that.
We went to the museum in the first place to see a special exhibit of Richard Serra who make huge steel sculptures you walk around & through. It's pretty indescribable so I'll have to post pictures. His stuff was really fun.

We figure, we didn't pay to see the tremendous play at the delacourt, which was worth a bunch, so it all works out really.

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One thing I miss about NYC is the music in the subways. There were some great ones in London too but you just don't get this in LA. This guy was on the platform as we waited for our late night 2 train uptown. He had the coolest guitar thing. The tuners were at the bottom and it just had a detachable frame for a body. Very neat. He played a great tune too. I hope he does well with his music.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

day watch

I just wanted to enter a post here to remind myself that we saw Day Watch tonight. I need to write some comments & post a picture, but suffice it to say it was great! Not quite as good at the first one (Night Watch) but so cool to watch! Go see it!

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virgin records

A in his natural habitat. :)

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grey dog part deux

We're back again at our fave coffee shop, Grey Dog's Coffee. It's much calmer this time and it's a great place to relax. A is sketching in his new book. I'm having a grand hot chocolate (even though it's roasting outside, even at 9:30pm). I just spilled some water so that's a bummer but not that bad.

What I want to know is, where are the places like this in LA?

They're playing Nat King Cole christmas songs now!? Weird.

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It's always so easy to find clothes for Alex. Somwtimes we'll go in someplace for me and we'll end up buying a bunch for him. This usually happens in cities like London or NYC. We found an amazing place in Soho the other day. Everything A tried on looked amazing. He's so great to take shopping cause he looks so dang good in everything. We didn't buy anything the other day but have been thinking about it ever since so we went back today & got him some things. Yea! Now... What about me?


We had dinner in Soho tonight at an Indian place called Baluchi's. it was really good. Very authentic. I absolutely loved the water goblet things and we even asked if they sold them. They used to but don't any more. Boo. Now, there's another reason to go to India. I know that if I ever go I will be in trouble. I am so drawn to Indian culture. The furniture, the everyday items, the fabrics (I love saris as you can see in our home), the Hindu gods, the art... I can see just wanting to bring home so much that sings to my soul. For now I'll have to stick to places like this, and the one we love in Pasadena.

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a chorus line

To add to our huge roster of entertainment on this trip we saw A Chorus Line today. This is a revival of a musical from the 70s/80s that I saw countless times when I was growing up. This version is directed by the assistant choreographer from then so it's pretty much exactly the same. Same costumes design & everything. I remember it all so well. Every word, every song. I cried in it, Just subtle tear down the cheek, I think because of the childhood memories.

This theatre is much smaller so they felt a bit cramped and the "cut dancers" in the beginning wasn't quite as impressive but it was a really well done show. I loved it (and bought a t-shirt of course) and Alex even liked it. It's not a typical "Broadway Musical" as there's no bit scenery, costumes etc. It's a bunch of people talking (& singing) about themselves. Yea!

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jolly good greetings

We're sending out huge hugs & love to our Dads on this father's day. They are both in England so we can't see them but we are thinking of them lots. :)


Saturday, June 16, 2007


Because of our delay (a "tespasser fatality" they called it) we are now waiting at Secaucus for the next connecting train to NYC. We are pretty much the only ones here. All the other people on the other train were drunk (pretty skanky looking) teenagers headed for a night out in Hoboken. Woohoo. Now that's my idea of a good time. :/

jersey bbq

I was so engrosed in our afternoon at Lou & Ali's that I forgot to take any pictures. Lou walked us back to the train so we took this one. :) We had a fun BBQ (yummy) and got to geek out about his home media set up.

(now we are on stopped on the train because it hit someone. man, that sucks)


Well. The weather seems to have changed a bit and the further we get into Jersey the worse the weather is. It's now totally POURING down with rain. We are all dresses for the sweltering heat in Manhattan. And, because it was so hot, we didn't bring our umbrella. This is a very funny day.

nj adventure

We're going to New Jersey today to see a friend of mine from when we lived here. We thought it'd be easy but the NJ Transit system seems to be doing everything they can to make it as confusing as possible. Apparently people at information booths don't actually need to know anything.

Friday, June 15, 2007

so cute!

This is the cutest thing. She doesn't start singing until about 01:45 but the whole thing is worth watching.


midnight snack

Waffles & hot chocolate, with marshmallows. Does it get better? (wehavent been to Serendipity 3 yet so it might)

cafe lalo

A fun desert place (that's open til 4am) we haven't been to in forever. It's a bit on the "touristy"/"teenybopper" side but still yummy & fun.

all the world's a stage

The empty stage for R&J. What an amazing performance! One of my favorite Shakespeare's ever.

romeo and juliet

We're at the Delacorte in Central Park to see R&J tonight. Can't wait. It sure was hard to tear ourselves away from Soho though to come back up town. :)

romeo & juliet

We're at the Delacorte in Central Park to see R&J tonight. Can't wait. It sure was hard to tear ourselves away from Soho though to come back up town. :)

novecento 900


(trying this out through flicker)

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Finally, something to eat! Yum.

brushes galore

We're at an art supply place because A didn't bring any of his sketching stuff. NYC is a place that inspires art so... Here we are. This plave is VAST! The amount of brushes is overwhelming, let alone the pencils, paints, paper...



The whole park is so pretty! So much green!


better than HD

As much as we love our HD TV there is nothing like the beauty of Central Park, in any season, in person. It's a place to make the soul smile.

(if the photo doesn't show up, click the small square below the title)


Thursday, June 14, 2007


All of a sudden the pictures I'm sending from my phone to my blog aren't working. When I send it it uploads it to my site, makes a small one for the page & a large one to see if you click on the smaller one. The small ones aren't working. I can fix it by changing the code to show the large one (in smaller size) but I have to be at a computer to do this, which seems to defeat the purpose of blogging on the run. It was working at around 5pm today and not at 7pm on. So frustrating & just odd. And then there's the issue of it cutting off pictures and not loading the whole thing. I really have no idea what that's about. Do I just never fix this? Are others having this problem? Do I just forget it for now, keep blogging & think about it later?

In the mean time, if you see a posting with a blank box in the upper left corner (just under the post title) click on it and you will see the uploaded photo. If I have time at night I will try & fix the links. Argh. Technology.


kosher asian

After the play tonight we went in search of some chinese food. There were tons of japanese but not chinese or thai. We knew of one near our old neighbourhood but we didn't want to go that far south. Finally we found a place! It looked like they had a bit of everything asian. Well, turns out it was a kosher asian place for the large jewish comunity in our current neighbourhood. We were the only ones there who weren't jewish, and Alex the only one without a yarmulke (except the two shushi chefs). It was a really great dinner and I'm glad we didn't go to the one we knew of.

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love's labour's lost

Following the actors around the park as the sky grows dim & the flashlights come out. A firefly or three and the stream in the distance.

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shakespeare in the park

Tonight we are at a Shakespeare play in Central Park. It's one where you follow the actors around the park & they use the nature as their stage. So awesome! And it's free! Can't beat that :)

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the grey dog

One of the best coffee shops in NYC (or anywhere really). And a welcome rest for my back, which isn't feeling great today :( We love coming to the Village. It's got a whole personality of it's own.

french roast

When we were going to the apartment the first time we saw a french restaurant down the street, so today we thought we'd go there for brunch/lunch. Turns out it's awesome! And... It's open 24 hours! I love this town.

celeb sighting 2

Walking "home" tonight from getting food (at midnight) we passed Ric Ocasek & Paulina Porizkova walking arm in arm down the street. Man, she is pretty.


Today was mostly a WIPE for us. We spent most of the day piddling about, being sleepy & waiting to hear about a place to stay. We finally have a "home" for the rest of the time here but it's nothing like what we wanted. We wanted to stay in the Village as we've never done that before. Or, on the upper east side, like Alex did when he was working on Vanilla Sky. But we ended up on the upper west side. But not even the area that we know & love so well from living there. In New York (as in most cities) a matter of blocks can make a huge difference so the 10 blocks north & 4 (long) blocks west of where we're used to being is nothing like "home". It feels so far away from everything. Like it's the suburbs. Luckily it is right near a subway stop so it shouldn't be too hard to get out, but there's not much for us to walk to around here. It's all residential.

It's a place owned by a musician though. An entire wall of books (you know how much we love that) and oh so very New York in that every tiny space is efficiently filled with stuff. After getting our luggage here we promptly fell asleep. Then, just before midnight we woke up hungry. We wondered off into the night to find some food, because restaurants still serve at midnight here. Not the cheap diners but normal restaurants. Before we could get to the restaurant street though we found a grocery shop. Thinking it might close at midnight we went in & got some munchies etc. Turns out they're open 24hours! Yea! And they have a great selection of stuff. Better than the Whole foods near us in LA. What a relief.

So, now off to sleep on one of the hardest beds I've ever felt in my life. As they say in A Chorus line... "it wasn't paradise, but, it, was, home".

*(WIPE =well intentioned. Poorly executed)

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

on the 1

We took the Subway for the first time today. We've been sticking near to "home" a lot & taking more cabs than usual. It felt like we were really in NYC. It was air-conditioned, so that was nice.

all apple all the time

We haven't been into it yet but we walked by the 24hr Apple store today. Yea!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

celeb sighting

Today, as I was walking from the hotel to the Met, I saw
Cynthia Nixon from "Sex and the City" come out of her(?) apartment. Not done up, no make up & in sweats. A real New Yorker. Fun.



Tonight we went to the New York City Ballet. What fun. I love the accessibility to culture here. We walked by it last night & wanted to go so we bought tickets. Cool. Anyway, we saw "Jewels", a non plot 3 act ballet choreographed by Balanchine & with music by three different composers (Fauré, Stravinsky & Tschaikovsky). It was a "fine" show. I'm always amazed at what ballet dancers can do. I was a bit underwhelmed though. With the orchestra, the conductor & the dancers. But it was a fun night out. It was nice to get dressed up for a change. But (as in my previous post) the skies literally opened up on us as we were walking there. Really hard. We had forgotten our umbrellas from LA so when we ran past a news agent that had some we bought two (they're tiny). They were $4- so it's nice to know that as the price of EVERYTHING has gone up since we've been here, cheap umbrellas hasn't. Neither has movie prices for that matter. They've gone up $1 in the past 5 years. We were so shocked at how expensive going to the movies was here in 2001/02 but now it's more expensive to go to the crappy Burbank AMC! Weird.

We have tickets to another ballet (Romeo & Juliet) on Monday, with a different company, so we'll see how that goes.

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at the ballet

We're at the New York City Ballet seeing a performance called "Jewels". We got caught in a downpour on the way here so my feet are totally sopping. On with the show!

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on the roof

The rooftop gallery has some of the most amazing views of the city ever. I could stay up here for a long time (if it wasn't so dang hot!).


alex and the master

We're visiting the Met today and, of course, Rembrandt.

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Monday, June 11, 2007


The best pizza ever!

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colliding gold mermaids & frogs

We went to 3 special exhibits and the space show. "Gold" was first and very fascinating display of origins & uses. Then came "Mythic Creatures" (mermaids, griffins, unicorns, dragons, etc...". It was ok but too many people and too many inconsiderate people. Then the "Frogs" exhibit. Tons of facts, photos & frogs. amazing colours & shapes & sizes. Wow. A quick bit then we were off to "Cosmic Collisions" the planetarium show. What a relief just to sit down! But it was AMAZING! Narrated by Robert Redford it tells the story of the creation of the moon, the destruction of the dinosaurs & the future of the Milky Way. After a brief pass through the shop, they were closed so we came out to the steps & ate ice cream sandwiches.


...and the museum of natural history.

hayden planetarium

Today we went to the planetarium...

Sunday, June 10, 2007


After the movies (Oceans 13) we went down to the B&N (of course). They kicked us out when they closed at midnight but of course we are not ready to go "home". We headed up Columbus & came to the Starbucks we used to go to after B&N closed. They were usually open for another hour. We asked what time they close... They are open 24/7. Hello! A place really after my own heart. A 24hr coffee shop. Yea! It isn't all perfect. They closed off one section (that we were sitting in) and the (really gross) toilets close for 6 hours of the night. They seem to be a bit of a homeless hangout. Oh well. We can now finish our evening when we choose, with all the other crazies up & out at this hour.


We are so pooped this evening that we've decided to take it easy & go to the movies, eat dinner & hang at our book store. A pretty perfect evening. It's weird walking around our old neighbourhood. It's changed a lot but it's still so familiar. In the cinema, as we ride the escelator up stairs it's exciting at the same time as it's regular. We've done it so many times. The familiar paintings & gold palm trees. It's like we were here last week. I'm getting whiplash from my emotions. I'm ready to move our whole life back here immediately one minute. Then, It's too crowded, dirty, expensive & humid the next. It's home, but it's somewhat distant.

(edited to add that the movie we saw was "Oceans 13")

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dried up

My all time favorite restaurant in NYC, River, is, apparently, no more :( I'm so sad. So both places I wanted to go to are gone. Sigh.

back to the city

No we're on the train back to grand central. What a whirlwind weekend. Someone brought a yearbook & it was crazy to see everyone 20 years ago. We were all so young & not so innocent.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

the G.W.

Instead of paying a lot of money for a seafood dinner at the school (and I don't eat seafood) A & I decided to head to our favorite restaurant in Conecticut, The George Washington Tavern. Such a great place. The last time we were there was 5 years ago. It's so fun, wiith great people watching. We expected to wait &/or not get a seat but they found us a table right away. We ate great food & discussed the weekend. Back to the Gunnery & we met up with my classmates again (who were still drinking) and hung out some more. Finally we had said our goodbyes (a few times) and headed back to our corporate headquarters. Can't wait to share photos.

(back at the hotel the internet isn't working & I can't post long writings right now. So, this is all I got.)

the gunnery

Today was the big alumni day. There was a sign in, we paraded with all the other alumni from the dining hall up the hill for the ceremonies, then doen to the performing center for lunch. We hung out & tallked. We watched the kids play in the fields. We went to the school store. We played/watched alumni softball. We hung out. We had a reception before dinner... And it wasn't over yet!

Friday, June 08, 2007

must sleep

I so want to write about the last 24hours... arriving in NYC, this morning, today in the city, getting to CT, reunion dinner & our evening but, even though I'm not tired, I KNOW morning-tiffany will NOT be happy as it is let alone if I didn't make myself go to sleep now. So, those thoughts will have to wait. G'night all!

reunion dinner

There's about 20+ of us at a really fun, really loud dinner. It's so weird & so fun to see everyone!!!

on the road

This afternoon we met up with my friend Todd at Grand Central Station. We got on a train north, got his car and are now headed to Conecticut for my reunion dinner. It's been 20 years. I wonder if I'll remember anyone, or more importantly, if they remember me?

I can't believe I'm actually riding in a car with a pro "W" sticker on it! :/ But I guess that's what I get for going to a New England boarding prep school, eh? :)

living room

We made our way to B&N at 62nd. I know, we come all this way & go to B&N? But this isn't any B&N, for almost a year & a half it was our living room. In our 9x12 apartment there wasn't a lot of room to... Well, anything. A few blocks away was this place. Full of books, magazines, hot chocolate & coffee and it's open till midnight. Every night. So, we came here a LOT! And they usually had to kick us out. It's just great here. It's home.

testing 123

The last 2 posts didn't work from my usual remote way. Ugh. Does this one work?

(update: I've sorted it out. Apparently our phone service is cingular in LA but att in nyc. So, now blogger knows who I am here. Phew!)

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the dead poet

One of our old FAVORITE haunts is still here and Alex's name is still on the wall for drinking 100 Guinnnesses. Ahhhh. We are definately home.

(and, a bonus of no smoke inside! it used to be way thick)


new york city!!

We made it! Now that we've found our room we're off to explore (at 1am) Yea!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

no choice!

Since I still have my head cold I thought I should get some gum at the airport to keep my ears from plugging up more than they already are. I went to the news stand which has over 23 different choices of gum. I couldn't buy ANY!! They ALL have aspritame in them. If you know me you know I won't let that poison into my body (or my house even) and there was not one kind of gum that wasn't "sugar free" and full of aspritame. Ugh. I don't really like gum at all. It makes people look stupid & I think it makes people stupid because they forget what a trash can is & have to leave their gum on the street or a chair or something. But on the rare occasion that someone might need some I think there should be at least ONE choice without poison in it. No?


Sunday, June 03, 2007

at the movies

Another reason we have to move to the pasadena or the west side is the whole movie going experience. Mostly the clientele. Much more "our type" of audience there.