Sunday, April 29, 2007

words, words, words

Today we are at the festival of books at UCLA. Very fun. Bummer we couldn't come both days, but it is so great to be surrounded by readers! More to report later.

Friday, April 27, 2007

movies seen this week

Star Wars
star wars
Night Watch
(or Nochnoy dozor)
night watch
Everything's Gone Green
everythings gone green


office life

Well, I may not have a job right now but I feel like I'm living at the office again. Except for the two musicians who live in our building (who are both out on the road a lot) all the other residence tennants have moved out and a bunch of businesses have moved in. It's kind of a bummer as it doesn't feel like a comunity at all. And I have to find a job soon because the noise alone is gonna drive me crazy. The front gate door opening constantly & the buzzer ringing. The talking in the courtyard. Ugh. What happened to neighbours and community?

all too brief

Dad was in town for a few days for the "Star Wars" screening (which I have yet to blog about) and some meetings, and it was awesome to see him.

I picked him up at the airport on Thursday. saw him every day for a few min to hours and then took him back to the airport on Tuesday. All too short.

As I get older I miss more & more time to spend with my parents. When we lived in London it was amazing how much I didn't see Dad. Except for the cpouple weeks I lived at his place upon arriving we were both so busy with our work projects. Once after not seeing him for a couple months we had to fly to LA for a funeral to find the time to see each other.

Dad will be back this way next month, for longer I hope. I wish he was more of an e-mailer. I'm an e-mail addict but, alas, it's not his communication style.

But he knows I love him, and I know he loves me and we don't have to be near to feel it. Huge hugs to you Dad. Can't wait to see you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I found this great website with tons of photos from '77 & '80. Lots of them from Dad's collection that he took. Have a look see:
(you do need the latest version of Flash to enter the site)

Amongst the photos is this one of me! It's from the filming of Empire Strikes Back in London. They needed small people in the back of the shot as everything was built in perspective. So I got to be a rebel troop. Yea!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

this sucks!

Today we received an order from Amazon and I'm so excited! It's a vaccum cleaner! A Hoover. We've been living here so long with just a dustbuster, and once a borrowed vaccum. Ahhhhh. We sucked up all the dust bunnies and dirt upstairs and filled the tub to full already. We haven't even gotten to downstairs yet. Anyhoo. I'm so jazzed. Who knew. Such joy from a hoover.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

parental switch

A commented that it's funny that right now my Dad is in California, while his Dad is in England. It's usually the other way round.

The Hills left last week to head back to their boat which has been docked in the South-West of England for a few months while they were home in NoCal. I'm still so proud of them, and quite frankly in awe, that they made the trip across the Atlantic in their fun boat, Lapwing. I'm also grateful that we got to meet them as they sailed into England after all these years of travel. What a great day that was.

Right now they've rented a cottage whilst they get the boat fixed up & "ship shape" (hee hee). Then we'll see where they head next.

I'm hoping (& I'm not alone) that they start a blog of some sort so we can keep up with their adventures in the British Isles. And some uploaded photos maybe. I so love to read their update e-mails from the boat.

Another great adventure team!!!

(more on my dad in a future post)



Here are some polital cartoons I saw today that just struck me. I can't put into words yet my feelings from this week, but this gets close. You can see more at Bob Geiger's web page. He posts a summary of cartoons every week.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

zona rosa

After our wine, cheese & fish "dinner" we still weren't ready to go home so we wandered down a block or so to a cute little mexican coffee shop. They had mexican coffee that tastes like cinnamon or Ghirardelli chocolate. We got our drinks & some desert and headed upstairs to the fun loungy area. So delightful.

All too soon they were closing up and we were forced to finish our reading for the night and make our way home.

Another place we have to come back to when we can stay longer. Tell me agan, why don't we live in Pasadena?


the nose knows

After our movie outing the other day in Pasadena, we we a bit hungry but it was 10pm & everything was closed. But then we happened accross this place, The Nose Wine Cellar. Their sign said closed at 10, but there were still people inside and the door was open. We went in and he welcomed us. As it was late there was no hot food being served, but cold items were. We had some samon (alex) and a cheese plate (me) and each got a different glass of house wine specials.

It was a great atmosphere, good food & lovely wine. We will definately be back.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new funness

We went to Santa Monica the other day and I found this totally fun "vase". The flowers stand up, propped up through the metal "branches". Much funness.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

do you think

Ya think this "america in a box" has a gun in it? Since that is apparently (according to all the 'geniuses' on the radio) the american way...

Monday, April 16, 2007

music bought this weekend

A variety of french, indian & folk music. Yummy!
Henry P
po girl
rendezvous a paris
joy of life


Saturday, April 14, 2007


we've had a funny day today. Long story short we ended up at Bob's Big Boy for lupper. Of course, we had a full american breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns & ham). So good! We haven't been there since august. It's always a fun treat.


blast from the past

After browsing & getting some Starbucks, we headed back to the bookstore to sit & read for a bit. But our plans canged right away when we walked in as there stood our old friends Buckley & Ron! How fun! We caught up and tried to figure out when the last time we saw them was. 2 years? More? Weird. It feels like I haven't seen Buckley in about a month. 6 weeks maybe. But 2 years? That's just wrong.

Well, we're all back in town now so we'll have to actually get together regularly. Yea! What a fun surprise.

Friday, April 13, 2007

live more musically

We came to Santa Monica this evening. We went to a store I'd been wanting to go to for a while, then came to 3rd st to browse. We found ourselves in Hear Music, of course. Wow. Usually I get board after a while while Alex browses for hours. I even went accross the way for bit when he first came in here, but now I've found 5 CDs that I want, and I have to leave or I'll spend way too much money. Music is so awesome. Just listening to it all makes me want to make a movie, or a short just so I can temp-score it.

Music makes all the difference in life.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

air space

Apparently, 7pm-8pm is the busy time for flights to take off from Burbank Airport. Throughout the day you don't really even notice the planes flying above, but during this hour you can hardly hear yourself think. It's annoying, but I guess we knew what we were getting into. And if that's one of our biggest problems... well, we're doing really well in life. Which we are. What a great home we have!

What's that? I can't hear you? A plane is flying by...


where there's a will

We missed tivoing "Friday Night Lights" a couple weeks ago (when tivo was on the blink) so we got it last week but didn't want to watch it until we'd cought up. It's on again tomorrow so I had to figure out what to do.

Well, I upgraded all my software on my computer (system, quicktime & itunes) and bought the missing episode from the itunes store. Then I found the necessary cords to plug the computer into the TV. And I fanally got it to work! Wooohooo! the sound is gret & the picture fab!

So now, we've watched it (and it was amazing, as usual) and we're on to the next so we'll be up to date by tomorrow night. Isn't technology great?!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

bush sings

This is so funny!


more blog envy

I've been trolling the expat blog sites today. I usually just read the ones from Paris that I found whilst we lived in London. But today I found two from London. Both young U.S. couples that have moved there for a couple years for work. One couple literally moved there the week we moved away. The other couple lives in (or near) our old neighbourhood.

I'm not sure if I can continue to read them though, and I'll tell you why. It makes me miss London something awful. Really. So much it hurts. I'm definitely a person that's prone to physically missing things, but this is stupid. I complained so much whilst there, but now can only remember the good things.

Then, I get bummed that I'm such a slacker in the blogging department. On my London blog there are only 219 posts. That's it. I lived there 2 years & that's all. I didn't even start it until I'd already been there 9 months! Think of the stories I missed out on. Argh.

And, I get jealous & frustrated about the stuff we didn't do there. So much! The places we didn't visit. The cities, the neighbourhoods, the countries... what were we thinking?! We even both had MONTHS off work, at the same time!

I can't really judge us too much (well, I can but I shouldn't), as we did amazing, awesome things. I wouldn't trade it for the world. We learned a lot there. About the culture. About our families & our childhoods. About ourselves & "us". About literature & theatre. About cities. About history. So much I will always cherish.

I just wish I'd posted more photos. Why am I such a perfectionist?!

If you're curious their blogs are:
Rino and Beth's UK Adventure (they even take "us" pictures all the time!)
Life in a Nutshell


movies seen this weekend

Meet the Robinsons
meet the robinsons

Avenue Montaigne
(or Fauteuils d'orchestre)
avenue montaigne


Friday, April 06, 2007

fond farewell

The executives at work threw a big farewell dinner last night. As quite a few people had already left and some people hadn't been in the office much, it was a really nice thing to do and great to see everyone. It was sort of like a wedding in that it was in a special room at a lovely restaurant and we had the "chicken or fish" option (I had to be different & had the vegetarian pasta option), tons of glasses & cutlery on the beautify laid tables. There were speeches & catching up with people and all that. There was no cake cutting or garter toss, but it was a great evening. Thanks so much.

Now, we're all off on or separate paths & adventures. We may work together again. We may not. It was a good chapter.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

and she's off

Mel is on her way on a hugely fun adventure to the southern hemisphere! I'm so jealous but @lm sending her off w/hugs & love for her & the whole julie-clan she is visiting. I've spent some of yesterday & today gathering thing for her trip: items Julie can't get there, birthday gifts, easter stuff, camera chips. I left her to finish packing, after helping with computer stuff & other prep work, at 6:30am. I got a couple hours sleep, but she didn't. She'll sleep on the plane, I'm sure. I was supposed to take her to the airport but work is having a last bash dinner party so Alex got the job. Have fun Mel! Can't wait to see pics & hear stories. Hugs to you! Bon Voyage & be safe!

updated: I'm not sure how much time she'll have to update it but you can read her blog HERE !


bye bye

Today is my "last day" at the office. This is my empty desk and it looks so sad. I have been here for over 6 months. Which isn't bad for a job that I was hired to work for 4 weeks. I never notice "moving in" to an office. Pieces come in bit by bit. Over time. A picture her. A poster there. Some food, some notebooks. Works in progress spread over the desk. Now it's empy. I really hate leaving. But we know this. So, so long sheep. Now... What's next?