Sunday, November 19, 2006

jealous & lazy

I've been terrible at my blogging lately. I tend to get like this but in LA it's the worst. I guess because LA isn't an "adventure" it's just home, unlike all the cities we've lived in for 2 years or less. I keep thinking that will change, but I never seem to keep up to date. It bums me out sometimes. I still have 30 or so posts from the UK & Vancouver that have never been finished & posted and not sure if the ever will.

I guess I'm lazy, but I don't want to be. I begin writing posts in my head ALL the time. I have the header & the begingin, sometimes even the whole thing, but I never get around to posting it. I either forget about it, think I need to wait to post a picture for it, or just get too wrapped up in life to do it. Sigh.

My dear friend Julie whom I've known since high-school is on an adventure of her own now and posts all the time. She moved from Paris to New Caledonia with her husband & daughter & gave birth to the cutest little boy whilst there. I told her when we visited in Paris that I hoped she would write about it so we could share in her adventures, and she did! It's been so fun to learn all about the place & culture from her. It was just Julie's 40th birthday & we want to send out big huge Birthday Wishes to her! Yea!

So, I'm jealous that she has such great posts, but I guess too lazy to do much about it. =\


Tuesday, November 07, 2006