Sunday, November 22, 2009

up north

Yesterday we loaded up the car, and I do mean loaded, and hit the road
for the northern regions. We started out late because our car was
getting a tune up & of course they found a ton of stuff wrong with it.
sigh. we had some of it done but that meant the car wouldn't be
finished until Saturday (not friday).

So, instead of leaving btw 9 & 10am we were on the road at 2pm. And,
we brought the cat! Eek! After getting settled on the road we let him
out of his carrier. He investigated a bit but, as is his wont, he was
scared so he ended up under Alex's legs. We figured that as long as
he wasn't under the pedals... right? We even had a lovely cozy little
portable home for him in the back seat but no go. He pretty much
stayed there the whole way. When we got petrol we had to get him into
his carrier before we got out.

We arrived at our friends, the Murches, house just after 9pm and we
were exactly in time to sit down to dinner. They were having a dinner
party for some friends who are going off travelling. We put the cat in
a room upstairs & joined in the fun. It was a great & yummy dinner!
Unfortunately on the way up Alex had started sneezing & feeling crappy
so by tbd end of dinner he was pretty finished. He went upstairs to
lay down with the cat & I stayed for scrumptious desert, tea &
conversation. eventually most people left & after helping to clean up
I got A from upstairs, piled him & the cat in the carc& headed back
south a bit to find the house that my mom is at.

Dashi climbed around the car a bit but ended up sitting on to of the
furni pad on to of all our gear in the back. He surveyed the dark
scenery and looked very cute. We made it to mom's! They have two dogs
and, as usual, Alex found an imediate friend! (animals love him!) But
we were pooped & it was 3am so we fell over into bed, & Dashi cleared
the cobwebs from under it (being a bit scared again).