Monday, November 23, 2009


Why not just buy a car?


Blogger rkhill said...

Training wheels?

23 November, 2009 10:24  
Blogger tiffany- said...

I didn't actually see him, Alex took the pic, but apparently when he is moving the side wheels move up & in so they are only down when he is at a stop. Weird! That is a very customized machine. Maybe he needs the extra help to keep his golf bag trunk from tipping him over.

I still think a car might have been a better option. But, hey, he's probably having fun.

24 November, 2009 01:14  
Blogger rkhill said...

There's so many things wrong with this -- the training wheels (with cute little fairings), the storage shed on the back, the trailer hitch (!!), but the best is the handicapped license plate!

24 November, 2009 08:59  
Blogger rkhill said...

OK, good thing no-one reads your blog 'cause that sounds pretty heartless. Some old handicapped guy is out enjoying his motorcycle and we tease him about the training wheels (which probably allow him to continue to ride and haul his golf clubs, wheelchair, or whatever else he's got stashed in the storage shed)... Whatever, it's still bigger than a couple of our cars!

24 November, 2009 22:07  
Blogger tiffany- said...

It might be mean but... come on!! He's got a trailer hitch!! =p

25 November, 2009 03:05  

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