Monday, June 27, 2005

party picnic

Since everyone is always busy on Fridays, and we thought it might be a nice weekend, we decided to have a birthday picnic in Holland Park. This is where ewe love to go & read or watch people when the weather is nice. We had been out all day on saturday and hadn't done any shopping, forgetting for a moment that we live in England. There are 24hour grocery stores, but only Mon am-Sat pm. So all the shops closed at 9pm on sat!!! Eek! And, what's worse, they don't open till late on Sun!! We figured out which shops opened when and Sun morning Alex rushed off to the organic store when they opened at 10am. When he got back I started making the sandwiches. Then, after some prep, he went off to Sainsbury's when they opened at 11. We quickly finished the PB&J and egg salad sandwiches. Packed them up in the fake "re-sealable" english bags, and made some munchies. Packed up all our coolers & blankets & headed out at about 12:30.

We stopped by the balloon shop on the high street for a small bunch and headed into the park. It's really nice being so close to a nice park. =) We got there just after 1pm, the time we had told everyone. Of course, with the people we invited everyone was late to varying degrees (some didn't show at all) but it worked out well.

First Hannah & Simon arrived. A bit too much to drink the day before, so they started with juice =) Then Dad, Clare & dylan got there. Everyone brought so much food & picnic stuff! Added with our plentiful bags, there was a feast! Walter arrived and brought the oh so British drink of Pimms!!! (see Wimbledon blog for more about Pimms) He even brought a glass pitcher... on his motorcycle!!! Yea!! It wasn't the easiest cutting the lemons, though. Hannah, Simon, Walter & Alex went off to play some frisbee while I talked to the family. Then Ed, Alysha & her Mom arrived. They brought me a book on france (yea!) and a huge balloon that was a sight in itself. So very fun! We hung out & talked & laughed & ate & ate & ate... It was so very fun. Alex & Walter had a hoot eating the melted profita rolls & dipping strawberries in the melted chocolate! The sun had come out after an overcast morning & the shade from the trees came over just when it was getting too hot. It was beautiful!

After literally hours, the family left. Then some of the gang was leaving, so we all packed up. Walter went north, H&S went east to the tube & The Westlakes walked us all the way home helping us carry all the stuff =) (Thanks!)

It really was such a fun day! And if one has to turn a year older... this is the way to do it =)

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party pics


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