Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Yesterday was very fun. We got up at an ungodly hour and piled in the car heading for Oxford. It started to rain really hard on the hour drive. Oops. We didn't bring any supplies for rain! We arrived & met Alex's parents who had spent the night there.

We got in their car and were going to drive out to their old home but went through town. By the time we got to the other side to the hospital, it had stopped raining. Yea! We went in the hospital where Alex was born. I think not much has changed in 37 years. We wandered all the way to the other end & upstairs where the maternity ward had been. Jan thought one of the rooms was where she was. We took tons of pictures, of course. We then headed out, parked closer to the middle of town & walked, and walked, and walked. We saw so much! We saw the dorm where Howard lived when he was here, we saw his "college" (New College) and it's chapel, where Howard & Jan got married. We had lunch in a pub full of ties (long story) and to the university shop. Alex got a sweatshirt & we got a mug. We went to the library. We went to a fabulous bookstore. We need to go back just to hang out someday. We went to the bend in the river where Alex fell in and was saved by the fact that he had a red sweater on. We drove out to where the Hill's first house was. Bought for £4000. Wow!!! Went to the local for a drink. Went to the church where Alex was baptized. It was all so fun.

In the evening the Hills had to take off to go down to gatwick where they had a long flight in front of them in the morning & we headed home. It was really special to be there with them. Both of whom grew up there & then returned when Howard was a student & when they were married & had a family. There's no tour like that.

We kerplooped at home & finally had the pizza and a night on the couch we'd been craving for so long. I hope Alex will write a story on it from his view & I will put up pics for our day. Yea!

New College where Howard attended
new college

The Hill's first house
hill house


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