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A look at the elements and events that come into view from where I'm standing...
... the stuff that matters in this life. Some flicker and are gone in a matter of hours
only to live in memory, others become life long travelling companions, never far from reach.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Old Friends

met1 June 12th, 2007
Went to the Met today to visit some old friends. And I mean old... Rembrandt was first on the list clocking in at a sprightly 400 years. It's always amazing to get right up close to these paintings and see the splotches of goo that make up a gold bracelet, or the fine wisps that become a fur-lined collar. Rembrandt will always stand head and shoulders above the rest of his circle because he didn't paint accurate representations, he got slightly impressionistic he painted people's souls.

After saying hello to the familiar faces, I realized I wasn't so much in a painting mood, so headed off for the sculptures of the Far East. I wandered through room after room of statues and bronzes depicting Hindu deities and tranquil Buddhas. There's literally a world that I know next to nothing about when it comes to Indian mythology and art. It's striking to see these intricate poses etched out of black stone, faces of gods and goddesses, characters filled with meaning and significance that I can only guess at.

Later, walking the streets of Manhattan I could imagine each passer-by encircled by a halo of their own private deities, an elaborate aura containing entire histories telling the tales of each life. I wonder if the artists and sculptors 900 years ago in India saw the same thing.


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