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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Munch at MOMA

seinestcloudI heard an ad on the radio this morning that there's an exhibition of Edvard Munch's paintings at MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art). How exciting! The web site says this is the first retrospective of Munch's work in the US in almost 30 years. There's a huge list of all the paintings on display, and yes, Girls on the Pier is one of them. How wonderful to get to see this painting in person, especially after just writing about it. Up until recently, I'd only been familiar with the Scream, which is a tad disturbing, but seeing some of his other paintings I realize there's a lot womanonbeachthere. Some of these are incredibly bold and elusive, really beautiful. Plus it's always great to see an entire retrospective to see things in context and learn about the artist's life. Maybe I can go this weekend.

And then…

I looked up the address to figure out where to go, and it turns out this is the MOMA in New York! Dangit and curses all to heck! The Scream is much more fitting now.

(Alex says, "Nooooooooooo!")

So, if any of you are in Gotham in the next month or so, check it out, and please, report back to me.

Check it out here


Blogger Mrs. Han Solo said...

It looks like a really great exhibition. I wish I could go. If only it was there for a few more weeks...

Friday, April 14, 2006  

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