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... the stuff that matters in this life. Some flicker and are gone in a matter of hours
only to live in memory, others become life long travelling companions, never far from reach.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

David Gray

davidgrayWe’ve seen the man! The other night at the Universal…I mean… Gibson Amphitheatre, David Gray played a wonderful set. With a five piece band behind him he alternated between sitting at the piano and strumming his guitar. Drenched in a simple light show, his Grayness was at his bobble-headed best.

Poor old David isn’t exactly obscure, but apart from a few songs like Babylon and Sail Away, he sure doesn’t get air play, so it’s a great thing to be in a room full of fans who are singing along with every word.

The best parts of the show were when he went off the map a little. He added new verses to songs, jammed with the band and just let the songs roll on. It was like meeting old friends that have new stories to share. He even played my favorite song off the new album – Ain’t no Love, and opened his encore with a pretty amazing acoustic version of Shine, just him and his guitar center stage. I just love his rhymes and chord changes! Now I’m waiting for a live album.

Pick any disc and buy it today!


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