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only to live in memory, others become life long travelling companions, never far from reach.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The application has been submitted!

Yep, I have taken my first big step on my way to the Iditarod. To volunteer, that is. Don’t worry, I’m not signing up to lead a team of dogs across Alaska. But the Iditarod is such a mammoth organizational undertaking that every year they have hundreds of volunteers help with everything from wrangling dogs, to crowd control, to holding down the fort at race headquarters. Ideally I’d love to get out on the trail and help at one of the many check points strung out on the way to Nome, but those coveted positions are reserved for people with a few years race volunteering experience under their belts. Seeing as this would be my first time witnessing this whole chaotic circus, I’d most likely be in Anchorage the whole time helping with whatever needs helping.

Of course, now it’s in the hands of the race organizers, and judging by the web site, they get hundreds, if not thousands of applications, and I’m also a little late to boot. So, my hopes aren’t high for receiving the coveted call. The thing is, I might just fly up to Anchorage anyway and see what happens. I’d love to see the start of this epic race whether I’m volunteering or not. Just to be that close to the action, to see a sea of over 1000 sled dogs raring to go, the mushers bundled up for 2 weeks of racing, the media, the fans (oh yeah, I’ll post pictures!) It will be absolutely nuts.

I figure if I get a chance to volunteer and get a little closer to the action, that will be icing.


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